Players 40 / 52
4.9 (147)

  • GlitchMitch70 Sick server would recommend
    theplug77 boss server
    darkborder 10/10 amazing
    ulchenbbq So much fun to play on, much pvp on nwaf xD great loot setting :D admins are friendly <3
    Ean575 Great server
    Kearney_00 Cheers bro highly appreciated 🙏
    DEGG_NENN Absolutely belter of a server ! Everything you want and need plus the admins acutely do there job and help you out !
    CommandoTRL Sick server been having a blast as of late playing it. 💜
    M4RC0_DCB15313 Best server i've played on so far
    Kearney_00 Cheers guys 👍👍
    Hussein198 The best server by faaaaaaaar, great community!
    BringBackNero Sick server
    darkborder great server
    Jellyface810 Why did me and my friends just get blacklisted on this server?
    TheSourPickel Only been in the server about a week and have to say it’s absolutely the best server I’ve been on. A great server requires a great admin group. It’s a great community of people that makes the server better than most if not all
    Kearney_00 All love g👍👍
    BrightestScreams Been playing on this server for 3 weeks now and I can't said I would go anywhere else. Probably the best community server out here.
    Kearney_00 Check out the server bro you will find out 👍
    semisidoils How is the respawn rate
    Kearney_00 Normal car spawns and spawn with full building supplies in them
    semisidoils How' good is the car spawning and what do they spawn with
    Kearney_00 Thankyou all!!! For all the recent support it's highly appreciated also if anyone else would like to check out my server join my discord https://discord.gg/QfFZnEU85E
    Makitabob Great server been playing for a few days now and it's so well balanced for a modded server great admin and owner great support couldn't ask for a better server this server deserves alot more credit 😘👍
    D3DJigsaw Great server great action great admins. Balanced and fjn
    Adamlukey25 Amazing server by far the best I've ever played
    LA_Turk One of the best servers I’ve played so much fun and overall really the best servers out
    Kearney_00 Cheers everyone highly appreciated 👍
    Penizwaffle One of the best ps4 run servers I've played. Owner is on it when it comes to issues. Server has a trader. Discord is lit and always active. Would highly reccomend this server come give it a go.
    Official_Chill Loving the server bro!🌹🌚
    Kearney_00 If anyone would like to check out my server here is the discord link https://discord.gg/QfFZnEU85E
    soul0ne hi im new how do i join server plzz and thanks from new zealand
    Tommy.Mc92 Very welcoming as a new player 5/5
    Kearney_00 Cheers everyone
    Frenchy14 Lit all the time
    Frenchy14 Blessed server
    Dillythakid Blessed server
    Fafa_power Litterally the ONLY Hardcore 1PP server on PlayStation
    Anarchist05 5/5 defo recommend to anyone
    Kearney_00 Cheers bro
    MallGamer Good server I like it!
    Djdom2905 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Firekeyboard797 Amazing 10/10. Im so stupid. Omlet is the best
    OmletUK Best server!!!!
    Kearney_00 Coz its the one and only!!!
    Lofromda419 Only server i play on 🦾🦾
    Lildean1995 1 of the best servers I have played friendly people loot guns cars perfect and the owner brilliant always on top of everything always replies and resolve issues 👍👍

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