14.REBIRTH OFFICIAL CHERNARUS https://discord.gg/TFh5DsfA

Players 16 / 50
4.3 (53)

  • UPROAR They keep rebranding they so shit
    UPROAR Trash. Server. Trash admins
    MoneyWi3e Toxic
    DEGG_NENN Belter if a server ! Admins are good and helpful
    DEGG_NENN Belter if a server ! Admins are good and helpful
    Trader_reactor Great server with helpful admins and many events
    cHaMp_oF_cHaMp Very good server ,very good loot economy , helpful admins and mods
    SpartanRanger75 Very good server ,very good loot economy , helpful admins and mods, especially that Ten guy ,
    tendruhh Wow that ten guy is awesome deserves a raise
    Thekingthatfell Can I join ?
    ScatesBoy Cool people, ready to playyy
    scousemanlfc love the server owner is the best owner of a server i have came across i would recommend this server to anyone i come across
    blakkie Goed server
    stevencozens Great server 👌
    Legacyfromny Great server fun and just a server to relax.
    Burnhellaz Great server and great admins
    Mollyflips Fun server with good community
    GeorgieeBoyy12 Very organized server and fun people.
    cHaMp_oF_cHaMp Great server & excellent Staff Team. Must recommend.
    Trippymooose1985 Quality server with excellent community, admins and mods
    Nanabitty Great server and admins. Good for factions and solos. Would recommend
    grillbusta Great server great administration great events who could ask for better
    cHaMp_oF_cHaMp Great server . Excellent & friendly staff members. 100% recommended. 10 out of 10
    Drshmutter5 Played on 70 servers and this is by far the best one
    Iworbz Great server, great community, great admin A++++
    jinxXfurboi love the server. its always fun and a good challenge
    Misskiller Amazing server. Amazing fun, friendly.
    SpartanRanger75 Awesome server
    Tbhx_xbadman Top sever and top staff no toxic ppl just nice and chilled
    Bakes982 Class server & class admins!
    grillbusta Great server great content no toxic people a all around great server from game play to people to the best admins
    Calsoncin6969 This is my favorite server awesome people and there is a lot of fun events to do
    Pur3reactor Great server with friendly people and trader
    Enroperez The server is great and I get to say I love you alot while u kill me
    DerRanzigeRob Best server out there, nontoxic, nice staff, great trading possibilities!!!
    Hicksy2021 Awsome server the first server I feel at home 😁
    Tbhx_xbadman Best server best staff 👌
    Lewis2575 Best server in the uk and very good staff members and grate trader
    Allupinyourway Much goodness here
    Reigns007super23 Best server going
    Reigns007super23 One of the best servers to play especialy if you want to grind
    Corz_nz 👌👌👌
    WoolfordJake01 Great server. Lots of good people And traders and staff are very helpful
    Saspops1988 This server keeps getting better and better
    Saspops1988 Fantastic service very active trader and a great community
    Tjepz Belter map everyone’s is a legend aswell
    Stevo57 Fantastic server the size the community has grown in a short amount of time shows how good it is ! Amazing admins mods and all round players would highly recommend!
    Hellfroze84 Inlgorious-bas84 top quality paper server
    PerplexeD Thankyou for all your comments 💎
    tendruhh Top Class server, 10/10 so far good community will be a top server soon considering how fast it’s growing

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