11.The Remnants RP (discord.gg/remnants)

  • CheesusCwitht Great server. The best RP experience on PS!
    Darkone1122 Best server I ever played on
    Mr_Hammerz Amazing content and community
    Sapie88 Why go anywhere else?
    xXBloodVikingXx Good time
    weeknightgamer This server is the standard for any community dayz server
    Rudegeek Love the server and community 👍💯
    fivetwosix Server was made legit because the first one was too good case in point this one's great too
    Chewy88 Great server👌🏻
    kissmeiamtoxic Fun and active server! Have enjoyed my time greatly on here .
    Italianskank Top server
    OpenFacedSalad Awesome server
    XKTHULHUX420 Best server I've played ever
    xBennyHDx 10/10 ❤
    Mrmeows1001 Amazing server

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