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Nitrado price cut and limited CS:GO introductory offer

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gameserver

Because of the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Nitrado is cutting the prices for all non Minecraft servers.

The new gameserver "Publicserver Basic" will provide all games except Minecraft, Terraria and Ace Of Spades.

The password protected "Clanserver" has been replaced by the new product "Publicserver Basic" which has more features and a massive lower price.

For all customers: The Clanservers were upgraded to the "Publicserver Basic" for free.

For Minecraft, Terraria and Ace Of Spades nothing has been changed.

As introductory offer of the "Publicserver Basic" and because of the release of the brand new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Nitrado provides a "12 Slot Publicserver Basic" with a duration of 30 days for only 4 Euro. This offer is limited to 1000 servers.

The ordered server will be online instantly.

Important note: The "Publicserver Basic" does not support Minecraft, Terraria or Ace Of Spades!