335.Big Booty Bro's Faction War [100xLoot/Full carkit/PVP]https://discord.gg/qQp568t

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  • IMurderPaPaSurf This server is the most corrupt server ever johny/cosack/deathmight they state on the discord no admins play but look at the outcome how funny is that loading your npcs and all yalls loot fuck this shit man fuck this corrupt server and johny fuck yo dog.😈
    Chrismc28 you have the choice to stay independent and have no support from admins on being raided, or becoming a faction and getting insided or threatened with war from deathmight/cossack/johnny sins if you don’t give what he wants
    X00DEATH started off great and all got flushed once we (15+ players) found out that deathmight/cossack/johnnysins is a corrupt power hungry owner 1/10 would not recommend playing on this server. waste of time.
    Chrismc28 this server is the most corrupt i’ve played on, the server owners rule states no admin can play but every admin is in his faction and deathmight aka cossack is the faction leader/server owner
    Chrismc28 @deathmight are you really making another account to boost reviews on your corrupt server smh
    saltessers new discord link please?
    Deathmight Best server on ps4

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