prepaid ArmA 3 Altis Life Gameserver
Slots 4 - 100
Instantly online Ja
Own IP with default port Ja
GameCloud - including Game Switching (over 100 games) Ja
infiSTAR AntiHack & AdminTools inclusive Ja
Free MySQL database Ja
Daily backups for game server files and MySQL database Ja
Full RCON, FTP, and Web interface access Ja
Real windows server (no virtualization / WINE) Ja
Installation of own modifications Ja
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Hosting location
  • AU Australia, Sydney
  • DE Germany, Frankfurt
  • GB Great Britain (UK), London
  • SG Singapur, Singapore
  • US United States of America, Los Angeles
  • US United States of America, Miami
  • US United States of America, New York City

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Overview of all functions

Nitrado - Features

  • Instant activation thanks to our prepaid system - no waiting time
  • No contract - no minimum term
  • No bond - change at any time between all available services
  • All servers on one nitrado-account manageable
  • Donation System - money can be donated between nitrado-accounts,
  • Stand-by-Mode - Server will not be deleted immediately. It can be reactivated within 14 days with all settings and data.


  • Immediate charging by: paysafecard, instant bank transfer (online banking), PayPal, phone (mobile and landline), credit card and Skrill.
  • Charging by bank transfer (credit within 2-3 business days)

Game Server - Features

  • ESL Premium Certified game server
  • Own IP with default port
  • GameCloud - including Game Switching (over 100 games)
  • Full RCON, FTP, and Web interface access
  • Free MySQL database
  • Optional password for the game server
  • Premium Traffic

Web interface - Features

  • Several daily automatic restarts can be set
  • User Management - multiple sub-users can be set for a server
  • File Browser
  • Access to the MySQL database via phpMyAdmin
  • Config Editor

Customer Service

  • Quick and qualified support
  • free e-mail-support
  • Hotline for landline-tarif (from germany)
  • Steadily growing Nitrado-Wiki
  • Community forum to exchange questions and problems

Security and Availability

  • Daily backups for game server files and MySQL database
  • Automatic notification to technicians in case of failure by the server

Technology - Features

  • Fast 500 Gbit uplink in Frankfurt am Main
  • Direct peerings with Deutsche Telekom, Telia Sonera, Tiscali, ...
  • Connection to DE-CIX, AMS-IX and LINX to allow international good pings
  • Use of high-quality server hardware


Game Description

In this huge modification, Altis Life for ArmA 3, the player is sent to the well-known island of Altis. In comparison to ArmA 3, the player does not experience a war simulation, but rather a typical life on an island with many other players. Nitrado provides this modification for direct installation on the prepaid game server.

In the beginning, the resident starts with only clothes and a small amount of money. Through the possibility the open-world modification provides, the players can walk wherever they want and work in different jobs. For these, the player has to buy licenses, which are available in the marketplace. Every single step has to be done by the players themselves. For example, they have to gather fruit or mine and refine ore to sell at the market. Through this process, you can get more income which can then be used to buy new equipment or invest in vehicles. Should this legal work not be lucrative enough, players have the options to join a gang and their illegal businesses. Here, the player can procure illegal drugs or deal with forbidden weapons. While doing this, they have to look out for the police because they do not approve these methods. The late game offers a possibility to fight against the state authority by joining up with the rebels, who fight against the regime. This creates typical battle scenarios when the military moves against the rebels, which is well-known from ArmA 3.

This modification is based on different scripts to provide the game experience. All server admins have the option to upload their own configuration scripts directly to the Nitrado game server. The usage of the FTP-access makes it easy for the server admin to connect and upload files to the server. Moreover, every other setting can be configured through the user-friendly web interface.

Lastly, it is important for the server that all players act in their role, to create an exciting and realistic adventure. If you like this kind of action and role-play, then this modification is perfect.

Play now

- v1.98.146373 - Altis
- v1.98.146373 - tanoa
Interlegion | Classical military simulation | No mods required
  - v1.98.146373 - Tanoa
Altersheim Exile Chernarus,PVE,Roaming AI,BaseSpawn
- v1.98.146373 - Chernarus
Grupo L.I.O.N
- v1.98.146373


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