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The country is in need of more games!

Neue Spiele: Killing Floo 2, Don't Starve Together, Reign of Kings, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II 

There are several new games available via Gameswitching for a couple of days now:

  • Killing Floor 2
    Survive, at all cost! A failed military experiment mutates England's cities and landscapes into devastated places. You and your friends, as squad of both, military and police where deployed in the area with only one mission in mind: Survive until every areal is wiped from mutated creatures.

  • Don't Starve Together
    Don't Starve Together is the multiplayer version of the game "Don't Starve". Don't Starve is an open world survival game in which the player adopts the role of an Elf and fights for his survival in random generated wild lands.

  • Reign of Kings
    In Reign of Kings one need to fight hard and dirty to survive the crucial mediaeval world. There are many possibilities which help you like hunting animals, mining ores building structures and buildings, forging of mighty weapons and armour as well as many more.

  • Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II
    The Half-Life 2 modification "Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II" lets you carry out mediaeval battles. Either on the side of Pirates, Vikings or Knights victory must be earned in one of the six Gamemodes.


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We wish you much fun while testing these new games!