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Our new Minecraft Webinterface is available now!

Nitrado Minecraft Webinterface 

A new Webinterface is available for all Minecraft based Gameservers starting today.

The new Interfaces ships with a broad selection of administration tools, as well as detailed status information (Player count, CPU & RAM usage, ...), which is available in the "Dashboard" section. Here's a little list of the included features:

  • Completely responsive to natively support mobile devices.
  • Realtime server console.
  • Overview of CPU and RAM usage right on the Dashboard.
  • World Manager to easily edit and maintain existing worlds (Backup creation, Chunkfix, ...).
  • Even better performance and loading times.

We took proposals made by the community into account to provide the best possible user experience. Additionally, we're still constantly improving our handcrafted Webinterface, to include new functionalities and ensure an easy server configuration.


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