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Exciting news for the Nitrado Community: From good old Germany to the Big Apple!

game server available in New York

We have continued our expansion in the US market by conquering the Big Apple! Yes, it is true, we are excited to announce a new hosting location in New York City that will further improve accessibility and stability to the surrounding areas.

While a little over a month ago we announced our new server location in Miami, we knew expansion efforts could not stop there due to the growing demand to expand the US network.

After much thought and consideration, New York City makes the most sense for a hosting location. This area in the North-Eastern United States is one of the most populated areas of the country. The regions in and around New York are home to over 19 million inhabitants, and almost half of which reside in the metropolitan area. Thus, there will be a high demand for servers nearby.

While some parts of the country are not directly affected by this new expansion, we can assure you that the New York hosting location will only further improve Nitrado’s service and offerings through the experience that each new location brings to the table. Who knows, maybe the new location does affect you, since after all, not each one of your opponents lives right around the corner.