MetaTron - New survival game powered by Nitrado


MetaTron powered by Nitrado

The MetaTron Survival Adventure made by Tubbykid is currently in an Early Access phase, but it is already clear that Nitrado is the only and official gameservers host.

What this is about?

The title is quite uncompromising in terms of violence and nudity. This makes it stand out from the crowd in rather playful games and mainly appeals to the veterans players!


MetaTron powered by Nitrado

MetaTron – is a fast Multiplayer – FPS – Survival – Game based on skilltree based character development and team-combat situations. As it is state of the art for modern survival gaming it contains all expected features. Such as crafting, building, exploration, open world and also vehicles.

Playing on PvP Survival, you can learn skills and develop mutations to play with other players. The versatile tree mode also allows you to defend your own ground, get the first available resources to build a fortresses or simply build a hut that will ensure your survival in the first hours. You play one of six clones on the way to prove yourself as the crown of creation and become the perfect bioweap. You have the opportunity to get together with other players to form a team, but also to go hunting as a lone wolf.

Already in the early access you have access to an XP system, modifiable weapons, vehicles, house construction and airdrops. Similar to the genre colleague Ark Survival Evolved or the upcoming Pantropy, MetaTron is, of course, constantly in development so that you can look forward to many hours of fun.

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Dec 20 2016, 06:56 pm
Basile Hamon
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