Argo - The new free to play shooter comes to Nitrado!

From the creators of Arma 3, Argo, is the new standalone conversion for Arma 3! You will be able to jump right into the new multiplayer shooter, It is free to play!



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Two weeks ago was the release of Argo, the new hardcore tactics shooter from Bohemia Interactive. The developers have taken Arma 3 and completely redesigned it with added new features. Bringing you brutally realistic combat on your home screen. Argo is a hardcore tactical first-person shooter, in which you fight across the unrestricted terrain, and where a single bullet is all it takes. Master your craft and rank up, become acclaimed on the battlefield.


Key Features in Argo

  • Clouds vs Flames - Take on the role of a mercenary and be contracted by one of two rival factions. Start out as a rookie operator and gain experience to unlock new weapons, attachments, and gear.
  • Malden 2035 - Be deployed to the 62 km² Mediterranean island of Malden - a modern re-imagination of a classic Bohemia Interactive terrain. Ranging from dense urban areas to wide open plains, and other unique points of interests, Malden features a variety of combat zones that have been built to provide an optimal experience for each game mode.
  • 3 Competitive Game Modes - Compete as part of a 5-man unit across 3 different competitive game modes. In Clash, two units battle over territory in a series of combat engagements. In Link, the objective is to capture a chain of points before the enemy takes control. Raid tasks one unit to find a data terminal while the other unit needs to defend the three possible locations.
  • Combat Patrol Co-op Mode - Team up with up to 10 hired guns, and fight against AI opponents in an open-world setting. Thanks to the randomized objectives and procedural generation of enemy forces, each session of Combat Patrol is different. Success depends on your ability to plan, work together, and adapt to new challenges.
  • 3D Scenario Editor - Build and play your own missions using a built-in Scenario Editor. With its intuitive interface, you can place entities, assign waypoints, set triggers, and much more, in just a few simple steps. Creating your own content is more fun than ever before.

Argo Supporter's Pack

Although Argo is available to play for free, the developers have offered the option of the Argo Supporter's Pack. As Bohemia's way of saying thank you the Argo Supporter's Pack comes with a few cool rewards: 13 exclusive animations for the MVP screen at the end of each match, a bundle of 23 unique apparel items, the ability to use vehicles in the 3D Scenario Editor, access to premium Argo Supporter servers, and the names of supporters are highlighted on the leaderboards.


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ARGO Launch Video



Are you already using a server? If so, what are your experiences so far? Are you getting one of our servers? Post your opinion in the comments below!

Source: ARGO steam page

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