Valnir Rok Patch - More fixes and improvements

Valnir Rok comes to Patch! More fixes and improvements are here!

The developers over at Encurio have been busy. While there are many leaps and bounds of starting a game, the devs have been doing great. The overwhelming support from the community is outstanding. An early access game is no easy task, however, this daunting task seems to be no match for Encurio. This day we are met with a sizable batch of improvements ranging from combat to inventory fixes. Some of these fixes are making the community happy with various comments of praise to the developers.

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A full list of the changes made here:


  • Combat: Added sound when hitting NPC and freeze frames of attack animations for better hit feedback
  • Combat: First version of prediction and latency calculation
  • Combat: Workbench, Furnace, and Altars are now
  • Combat: Added some combat sounds
  • Combat: Workbench and Furnace are now destroyable and will drop their inventories.
  • Sound: Updated character audio (some volume balancing will follow)
  • Sound: Added some environment sounds (lakes, cities etc.)
  • Housing: Changed the way how the elements are checking their distance to the next plot


  • Inventory: Message, that there is no space in inventory, won't show now
  • Inventory: Fixed some bugs making the inventory crash
  • Clan: After renaming a Clan the overview should be updated now, too. Minor clan data fixes.
  • Items: Rusty sword can now be used again!
  • UI: Added multiple error checks to prevent UI failures.
  • UI: Fixed blood effect showing after combat sometimes.
  • Performance: Fixed detail view distance



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    Oct 13 2017, 08:00 am
    Zachary Smith
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