Citadel: Forged with Fire - Halloween is Coming!

Its that time of year again and Halloween comes to Citadel: Forged with Fire!

Greetings, Mages: Halloween horror will coming to the realm of Ignus! This Wednesday, October 18th the developers will be adding a host of spoOoOoOoOoOoOoky new content to Citadel in celebration of Halloween! Below, I will list what the devs have to say about some categories that you can look forward to. Probably the most exciting feature is the devilish tricks that will be added!

I leave you with what is to come:

Spookified World!
To really embrace the mood of the holiday we’ve cranked Ignus’ general freakiness up to 11. The nights are freakier, foggier and more terrifying than ever. Rumor has it that on some rare nights the moon shines blood red! Keep your wits about you, lest an Abomination tear you to shreds!

Time-Limited Treats!
After next Wednesday’s update, it’s time to go trick-or-treating! Every camp and cave treasure chest in the world will have a chance to drop some terrifying time-limited goodies. Some will be common, some will be less so, and some will be downright rare! The event ends November 1st, so make sure you grab the goodies before the chance has truly ghosted!

The most common of these temporary delights is a selection of delicious candies! Chow down on a variety of cloying sweet delights including Chocolate Kaltibur Crisps, Sweet Crowberry Gum, Chocolate Buffalo Duds and Sugar Sprite Sticks and enjoy a variety of Health Regen, Mana Regen, and Movement Speed buffs!

We’re also preparing a huge selection of fun and ghoulish costumes, masks, and helmets to really help you get in the spirit of the holiday! Some of these items, ridiculous though they may seem, are actually extremely viable high-end armor items – scoop them up while you can! More details on these costume items to follow in the coming week, so stay tuned!

Devilish Tricks!
Need something to stop bad little raiders dead in their tracks? Introducing Trap Doors, Spike Pits, and Acid Pools! Starting next week, you’ll be able to keep unwanted intruders on their toes. Place Trap Doors anywhere in your castle, and have them drop down to either a jagged Spike Pit or a bubbling Acid Pool!

You can even get creative and use the Trap Doors as invisible, vertical entrance points for your castle! Want to hide the real entrance to your base with a secret floor piece that you have to swim underwater to reach? Now you can! We’ll share more visuals and details on these fantastic new construction pieces next week, so stay tuned for those details soon!

Trap Doors, Spike Pits, and Acid Pools are not time-limited, and will permanently be part of Citadel

More details will come later this week! Stay tuned!


Oct 17 2017, 05:02 am
Zachary Smith
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