Dark and Light 10/17 Update - Balance changes and Fixes

More balance changes and fixes coming to Dark and Light

This patch contains numerous bug fixes, as well as big changes to the structure decay system, and a few minor balance adjustments for the Ice Cave and controllable workbenches. The developers have gotten some feedback regarding the structure decay timers since the system was implemented. Originally, the structure decay was implemented to combat instances of structure-related exploits and abuse, as well as reduce the overall map load on servers with a lot of large, unutilized structures. I will leave how long a structure must go unvisited by its owner before automatically decaying.

  • Straw - 3 Days
  • Wood - 4 Days
  • Stone - 6 Days
  • Metal - 7 Days
  • Manor-tier - 14 Days
    • (all times are listed in real time)
    • Also, there have been changes added to prevent structure related abuse. To prevent structure-related abuse such as pillaring and trapping other players, all structures will be manually demolishable by any player by interacting with if it hasn’t been visited by its owner for 72 hours straight.

Below, I leave you with the full list of the rest of the changes:

Balance Changes:

Ice Cave: We’re adjusting the health and damage for a few creatures in the Ice Cave, as well as reducing the crafting time for Skullcracker in Bytorg’s Toolbox.

  • Ice Goblin: Base health reduced from 540 > 360, base attack damage has been reduced.
  • Bytorg: Melee attack damage reduced, ranged attack damage increased slightly.
  • Skullcracker: Crafting time reduced from 900 seconds > 300 seconds.

Advanced Extraction Spell Adjustments: The Advanced Extraction spell isn’t very efficient compared to other methods of gathering, so we’ve increased its gathering rate and durability, and reduced the amount of mana required to maintain the spell.

  • Durability: Increased from 12 > 30.
  • Mana Consumption: Reduced from 6/sec > 2.5/sec.
  • Increased the gathering rate for Wood, Stone, Copper, Iron, Mithril, Darkstone, and Lightstone by 100%.

Controlled Workbench Changes: We’re lowering the amount of time that a faction maintains control over neutral workbenches. All times listed are in real-time.

  • Cyclops Workbench: Now reverts to a neutral state 6 hours after being captured.
  • Bytorg’s Toolbox: Now reverts to a neutral state 1 hour after being captured.
  • Additionally, all controlled workbenches will now display a tooltip showing the amount of time left before reverting to a neutral state.
  • Transformation Runes: Added a tooltip showing how to revert the transformation manually.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where the recipe for a Soul of Light wouldn’t appear inside of neutral Soul Nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where some tamed creatures couldn’t gather normally with their LMB attacks (this fix does not affect Mythical creatures like the Colossus, Mythical creatures are unable to gather resources for balance purposes).
  • Fixed a bug where some Dark Altars couldn’t be activated.
  • Fixed a bug where Empty Bottles could not be filled at Irrigation Taps.
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Chunk decay time wouldn’t increase when stored inside of a tamed Ice Imp.
  • Fixed a bug where Small Spell Tower damage was calculated incorrectly when factoring in elemental resistances on creatures.
  • Removed antiquated Magic Workbenches in Estel.
  • Fixed the item icon for Dwarf Manor Curved Ceilings.
  • Fixed a bug where Wooden Windows couldn’t be opened.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to unlock the Magicka Base Schema.
  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to use Werewolf and Bear Transformation Runes.
  • Fixed a bug with the idle animations of Werewolves, they shouldn’t be as stiff now.
  • Fixed a bug where some corpses couldn’t be gathered from.
  • Fixed a bug where the SFX for ranged Wraith attacks would play from too great of a distance away from the attack origin.
  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to gather from your character’s body after reviving.
  • Fixed a bug with the crafting location for the Fusil and Silver Bullets.
Known Issues:
  • Some creatures stored in a Summoning Stone may be revived with incorrect stats. This is a complex issue that the team has been working on for a while, we’ll continue investigating the problem to have it resolved in a future patch.
  • Dark Altars can be activated properly now, but it may be impossible to craft Mystical Feed in them. We plan on having this fixed in a hotfix later this week.
  • We've heard reports that the timers on fertilized farming plots may be inaccurate. We're currently testing this issue and will make changes to the system if necessary.



Oct 19 2017, 12:08 am
Zachary Smith
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