Valnir Rok - Official Server Wipe and General Improvements

Official servers for Valnir Rok were wiped clean following the release of an update to fix a few nagging issues! The developers solved some combat desync difficulties and updated the housing system for more stability.

The first pass on some armor texture improvements is also seen in this patch. The developers would like some feedback and they want to know what you think about the improvements to the armor! You can leave your feedback in the steam discussions page. Check out the screenshots below:

Armor Improvements:

A full list of improvements:


  • Graphics: Improved armor textures with better PBR
  • Combat: Improved desync issues while in combat (work in progress)
  • Combat: Added a delay of 20 seconds when quitting the game or logging out of a server to prevent combat logging.
  • Harvesting: Shield on arm is now hidden while harvesting with backpack on


  • Housing: Changed housing save method for faster loading and more stability while saving
  • Housing: Removed clean ground condition from foundations since it caused performance issues
  • Housing: Lowered decay rate of housing
  • Combat: Inventory, equipment and weapon weight now affect stamina cost
  • World: Added Arena to world near Fjall (unfinished work in progress)
  • Character Creator: Character in character creator has now hair and bear selected as default
  • Sound: Lowered armor movement sound
  • Servers: Switched some servers to Windows due to better performance
  • NPCs: Lowered amount of aggressive animals in start area
  • AI: Improved AI behavior
  • GM Command: Added /rename to rename characters


  • Character: Fixed character controller (improves falling glitch through walls, palisades etc.)
  • Sound: Set smith hammer sound in aegas ael to 3d
  • Sound: Reduced sound when activating ocean
  • Items: Questitems can’t be destroyed now
  • World: Some collider fixes
  • UI: Fixed crash when hitting “exit” in the main menu.
  • UI: Corrected some spelling
  • Camera: Camera no longer unnecessarily rotates behind character multiple times after using look around mode while moving
  • Clan: Some Clan adjustments regarding the Clan rename command





Oct 28 2017, 09:13 pm
Zachary Smith
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