Citadel Forged with Fire - AutoRun, Improvements, and fixes!

Citadel Forged with Fire - New features: AutoRun, and default running! Multiple gameplay fixes come our way as well!


The developers come to us this week with another quick set of bug fixes and gameplay improvements to help with the patch earlier this week. The developers have added a couple new features to make long trips and general travel a much more bearable.

  1. The first thing is a hotkey added for AutoRun! So now: "Say you want to fly a long distance on your dragon, but don’t want to sit and watch the trip. Simply hit the AutoRun key (default binding is Num Lock) and your character will essentially be on cruise control!"
    1. You can bind this feature to any key through the settings menu.
  2. The second improvement to traveling is the option to enable Default Run. If you enable this option in the Game Settings menu your character will default all movement to running rather than walking. When using the shift key your character will do the opposite reaction. (When enabled your shift key will make your character walk)

Take a look at the full list below for all the details:

Patch Notes

  • Ambient sound fixes
  • Can now toggle Auto Run with Num Lock (rebindable)
  • A fix for XP bars in the Tame Menu
  • An exploit fix that allowed mounted players to see into other peoples’ castles.
  • Some polish for yesterday’s Custom Game spawn fix
  • Default Run option added to Game Settings menu
  • Fixed an issue with our recent Custom Game Start Town spawn fix
  • Fixed XP bars in the Tame Menu not working properly
  • Fixed instances where world ambiance would cut out
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players on mounts to see through structural walls
  • Fixed Mana Generators sometimes not feeding Magic Structures



Oct 29 2017, 08:43 pm
Zachary Smith
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