Empyrion: Galactic Survival - New tutorials and New blueprints! - Experimental Alpha 7.1

Empyrion: Galactic Survival - New tutorials, blueprints, and a whole lot of fixes/changes - Experimental Alpha 7.1

Hey hey Galactic Survivalists, the developers are happy and feel the 7.0 update went well. They went in hard at work on Alpha 7.1. Today, they released the experimental version of Alpha 7.1. With 7.1 we get some new stock blueprints and we get a completely new tutorial! You can find some details and pictures of the stock blueprints below. Also, take a second and try out the new tutorial! The developers would like your feedback here:

For details, check out the full changelog below!


New Tutorial:



New Stock Blueprints:


Changelog: Alpha Experimental 7.1.0 (Build 1315)

The full list of changes and features:

Improved Presentation of Armor Stats:

  • Added better names for Armor Stats that explain better the different properties
  • Replaced Degradation Rate with Speed Factor in Locker Window Stats and some other re-arrangements
  • DegradationFactor for armor not used anymore


  • Added possibility to block planet-access for SV (can be configured in playfield.yaml): AllowSV: false
  • Now allowing user to choose above recommended Texture and Character Texture resolution: Presets still default to Recommended Resolution for Players RAM and VRAM
  • Updated console cmd: instead of "deco refresh" > "deco r"
  • Updated Localization.csv: DE, FR, RU, PORT(br), CHS, POL
  • Enhanced PDA: Chapters can now have a "NoSkip" flag in yaml file to suppress the Skip button in the Briefing window
  • Added NewTemperate500 (with regeneration of POIs enabled) to Dedi Server Folder "Terrains"
  • Added dll versions for all xml terrains that are distributed with the game
  • Added AllowCV as example to Example playfield.

GUI Update:

  • Added icons instead of labels to build settings window selection tools
  • Added beam angle to spotlight preview icons to show where they are pointing to

Updated Models:

  • Updated model for alien plant tube
  • Updated model for plant that produces Alien Plasma
  • Updated model for alien thorn plant (+ thorn can now be removed)
  • Updated model for Ahax plant (glowing tentacles, tentacles get removed on lower growth stages)
  • Updated model for alien worm plant (Alien Honey)
  • Updated model for Alien Plant Reef
  • Updated model for Alien Spike Lemon
  • Updated model for Spiky Mushroom

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Mouse sometimes makes a "sudden jump" placing 2 or more blocks although only clicked once
  • Fixed: Configure circuit GUI cutting off signal lists.
  • Fixed: Opening the CP on the Signal logic tab can make the configure circuit list disappear until reopening the CP.
  • Fixed: Possible to have signal lists in the Configure circuit GUI overlap each other.
  • Fixed: Local Coop creates two savegame folders when using a game name with blanks (e.g. "My Game")
  • Fixed: Wardrobe had a code lock but was not accessible
  • Fixed: Problem that it was not possible to lower Base deep into ground when spawning blueprint
  • Fixed: Terrain/LOD Exploit: hide turret in POI Lod filler terrain
  • Fixed: Problem that sometimes grass was not removed when drilling
  • Fixed: Errors when AI turrets fire on AI vessels.
  • Fixed: SP setting number of ore deposits does not change
  • Fixed: Several errors linked to Combiner
  • Fixed: Resource Mouse-Over Localization on Map wrong
  • Fixed: Asteroid names not Localized on New Game and Map windows
  • Fixed: Problem that no NPC spawned on Oscutune (NewTemp2) on Island biome
  • Fixed bug with color replace (now it also works with colors that had no color applied)
  • Fixed: Problem that some windows and railing blocks did not correctly mirror (the ones with left, right version)
  • Fixed: New splatmaps consuming massive RAM and FPS on first load
  • Fixed: Auto Miner can be placed on a deposit and works (now doesn't violate AntiGrief rules)
  • Fixed: Problem that on moon planets (NewMoon and NewMoon2) radiation was everywhere at 14.7 and not just in the lower areas
  • Fixed: NPC Otyugh can damage players through thin blocks.
  • Fixed: Pixie stalks taller than they should be.
  • Fixed: Problem that steel texture P1(4,6) was over bright
  • Fixed: Several internal errors
  • Fixed: Several typos in loca

Known Issues:

  • Not all localisation strings are added, e.g. it reads "tasktitleWakeup" etc


  • Added Tool Turret for HV and CV: Repair, Deconstruct, Disassemble
  • Added new planetary terrain for Oscutune (NewOcean): water planet with deep oceans and abysses

Improved Creative Tools:

  • Improved replace texture / color tool: you can now replace colors/textures via selection box
  • Added fill button for selection box: you can select an area and fill it with the currently selected block


  • Added Depth of Field (DoF) screen effect (can be switched off in Video Options)
  • Reduced tiling of foam at lake shores


  • Turrets that are placed below terrain level do not shoot anymore > fixes exploit with turrets hiding below terrain
  • AntigriefdistancePvP is overwritten by AntigriefdistanceOres: if a resource deposit is placed very close to a POI within an anti-grief distance, it is now still possible to mine the ores
  • Drones/Planet Vessel ignore player bases if owner is not available (base idle)
  • All terrain placeables (Oxygen Generators, Water Generator etc) now accept Bio Fuel and Fusion Cell
  • Small Oxygenbottles are not used with "Autofill" anymore

Updated Playfield.yaml:

  • Resources are now buried less deep on all playfields
  • Updated SpecialEffectsLocal and SpecialEffectsGlobal to new heightmap planets (Scenario Creators: if you are using heightmap planets you might want to update these changes)
  • Updated deco on Omicron


  • Optimized structures when placing new blocks > for large structures it lagged a lot before
  • We made an optimization regarding stuttering and RAM consumption when entering a new world for the first time
  • Major speed improvement when opening Statistics page of Control Panel inside of large structures





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