Citadel: Forged with fire - Building improvements and tower upgrading!

Citadel: Forged with fire - Material building improvements and attack/defense tower upgrading!

Greetings fellow Wizards! This week the developers will be deploying a patch on Thursday! With this patch, we can expect some excellent new game mechanics added to the structure building system. Also, Attack and Defence towers can now be upgraded. Here you find an early look at what is to come in the patch later this week, come along and read more below!

A quick reminder for those last minute trick-or-treaters on Ignus:

  • "The Halloween event ends with this next patch! Get in-game now and unlock all the costumes and candies before they're gone for good!"


Material Swapping

One of the most frequently requested additions to the building system has been the ability to upgrade existing structures. Originally you would need to remove the piece in question in order to place a different material type down. With this patch you will be able to simply swap the pieces over:

"Following our update, you’ll be able to swap any structure piece to a different material with the click of a button. Simply navigate to the material you want in the Build Menu, scroll to the recycle icon, and click on the piece you want to change! Doing so will cost you the resources it’d take to build the piece, but you’ll also still receive the same structure piece refund you would get for simply deleting."

Defensive & Offensive Tower Upgrading

In addition to material swapping, the developers are giving some love defensive and offensive towers to make the experience of fortifying your base more meaningful and engaging. Each tower will now have two levels of power that will alter the effect and strength of the towers. The towers will now dealing devastating damage or applying a debuff/buff to players in the area.

From the community post earlier this week the developers explain the upgrades in detail:

  • Attack Towers can now have their power significantly improved. Level up your Arcane Obelisks and Obelisks of Flames with Flawless Rune Gems and Enchanted Stones to significantly boost to their overall damage. As you continue to upgrade them they’ll receive further boosts to both their Critical Hit chance and overall Critical Hit damage. A fully upgraded tower is capable of dishing out some truly devastating damage!


  • Defensive Towers on the other hand are all about having their functionality augmented. By investing Enchanted Stones and Flawless Rune Gems into your Obelisks of Protection and Warding Obelisks, you can have them apply a buff or a debuff to your allies and enemies. For allies, upgraded defensive towers will provide healing to any friendly players within their radius. For enemies, upgraded defensive towers will apply some nasty damage over time to any raiders who may set foot on your claimed land.



Be sure to stay up to date with Citadel Forged with Fire as more information will come on this patch later this week!


Nov 1 2017, 08:58 pm
Zachary Smith
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