Rising Storm Vietnam 2 - The Bushranger Content Update is Finally Here!

Rising Storm Vietnam 2 - 1.05 - The Bushranger Content Update is Finally Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen! New maps, a new faction to play as, new vehicles including the Bushranger Attack Helicopter, new weapons, as well as a brand new commander ability: The Canberra Bomber and 3D Positional Voice Chat. Rising Storm 2 will see a lot of changes here. Let's take a look at the highlights of new features, as well as the first look at some of the new maps.
New Features
  • New Faction - Australian Army
  • New Weapon - L1A1 Rifle
  • New Weapon - L2A1 LMG
  • New Weapon - F1 SMG
  • New Weapon - Owens SMG
  • New Weapon - Browning Hi-Power
  • New Weapon - XM177E1 (for the US Army)
  • New Vehicle - Bushranger (Huey Gunship)
  • New Commander Ability - Canberra Bomber


Features items for both the Northern and Southern forces:

  • Officer Uniform- PAVN
  • Cavalry Ascot - US Army
  • Officer's Cap - PAVN
  • Beret - US Army
  • Campaign Hat - USMC
  • Cigar - PAVN, NLF, US Army


Territory: Long Tan

"A territory map in which the NLF attack a defensive position set up in a rubber plantation, at night and in the rain"

Territory: Rung Sac

"A Territory map in marshland culminating in a battle for an entrenched position in a ruined Indochina-era fortress"

Supremacy: Operation Forrest

"A large-scale supremacy battle taking place in swamps and farmland, featuring the longest engagement distances in the game"

Check out the Full list of changes, features, and fixes here



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