RUST - Devblog 188 Item Outlines, new skins and more!

RUST - Devblog 188 brings Item Outlines, new skins and more!


Maurino Berry from Facepunch has implemented a feature that allows the developers to have a glowing outline around any object they choose to have it on. This will be implemented lightly at first. For now, the feature has been limited to dropped world items. A word about how it works and possibilities of expanding the feature from Maurino Berry:

if you drop an item and it is partially occluded (by grass, perhaps) it will show you an outline around it, making it easier to find. It'll also show you a brighter outline when you're actually aiming right at the object. This effect is not in play during night time.

We may expand this feature to other elements of the game moving forward, but I want to be careful not to break whatever semblance of immersion we have with giant overlays on everything, so we'll see how this pans out.

Going in this week will be four new skins. Two skins are added in support of Charitable Rust. The Charitable Rust 2017 Hoodie and the Charitable Rust 2017 Relief Crate. These happen to come just in time for the weekend's event! We also see two new ones in the store this month for the python! The Devourer and the Phantom.





Here are some Highlights from Devblog 188:


  • NEW-Add ignite and extinguish sounds to campfire and furnace
  • NEW-Add turn on and turn off sounds to the ceiling light
  • NEW-Added world model outlines
  • UPDATED-Lots of misc sound tweaks and polish
  • UPDATED-EAC SDK update
  • UPDATED-Stricter dropbox placement
  • UPDATED-Python is now skinnable
  • UPDATED-Reduced aim sway on semi-auto weapons
  • UPDATED-Finalized recoil design for semi-auto weapons
  • UPDATED-Grenades pin-pull and throw happens much faster
  • UPDATED-Stance recoil only active when moving or after first shot
  • UPDATED-Grenades always throw at max velocity (farther)
  • FIXED-Fix dark sign painting UI
  • FIXED-Fixed reflections on hair shader
  • FIXED-Fixed tree minigame X appearing too low
  • FIXED-Fixed Thompson having too much aimcone
  • FIXED-Fixed delay/jitter of mounted objects
  • FIXED-Fixed weird satchel behavior


If you want to read the full Devblog and see what else the developers are working on check in out here: Devblog 188



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