Citadel: Forged With Fire - The Forsaken Crypts Expansion: Available FREE

Citadel: Forged With Fire - The Forsaken Crypts Expansion: Available FREE Starting November 30th

Greetings Fellow Wizards! Exciting news and an exciting update comes to Citadel: Forged With Fire! Starting yesterday, November 30th The Forsaken Crypts Expansion is available free!

Three ancient mausoleums have emerged on Ignus. These were originally built to honor the mighty Wizard Kings that once ruled the land, these formerly "palatial" fortresses have since fallen into ruin. In these mausoleums, a savage behemoth awaits. However, beware, each behemoth has an army of twisted monsters to do their bidding. Priceless riches and powerful artifacts can be had for any adventurer with the bravery and courage to banish the twisted evils that occupy the crumbling strongholds. If you are up to the test muster your allies and keep your wits about you.

Here are some highlights to look forward to from this update! New bosses, Armor, and more!

  • Three new endgame boss caves:
    • Phoenix Spirit Citadel: Players will travel through the remains of a once pristine white marble palace that has been ravaged by the passage of time. Uncommonly large and powerful Sprites have littered the tepid environment with massive statues and mystic inclinations, any wizard brave enough to enter their domain should expect to be met with extreme resistance.  
    • Dragon’s Heart Citadel: A once beautiful city, filled with meticulous architecture was destroyed by a volcanic disturbance sometime between the end of the reign of Wizards Kings and your arrival to Ignus. Dragon’s Heart Citadel and the surrounding mountain vistas are now replaced by valleys of bubbling lava, jagged stones, and a host of migrant dragons drawn to the region’s endlessly simmering heat.
    • Blood Soul Citadel: A rustic fortress that once had a stable, temperate climate is now forbiddingly frigid and encased in jagged ice. This shift has created a welcoming habitat for all the worst creatures; Abominations, Deathweavers and numerous undead entities swarm the icy land.
  • Three Unique Citadel-specific Armor Sets:
    • Dracul Armor Set: Armor forged in a flame that harnesses the power of the ancient volcano that destroyed Dragon’s Heart Citadel and provides defense against even the biggest bosses.
    • Pyrant Armor Set: Exudes a frigid aura, but provides warmth when worn, the armor set is laid out by the icy demonic presence from the depths of Blood Soul Citadel, providing a variety of stat bonuses to the wizards who are strong enough and persistent enough to acquire it.
    • Helios Armor Set: Armor from the twin Phoenixes whose home you are invading in the Phoenix Spirit Citadel, a transcendent power that pulsates from this glorious set can defeat even the most indomitable creatures, and experience their heavenly power.


This update will be much more than just what is on the surface! The addition of gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and visual improvements will be combined with the mass amount of content received! Another smaller change worth noting is the new flight visual effects we’ve added to the game. Every flight potion and broomstick has been given its own unique visual style to enhance the experience of progressing through the flight trees. If you have been following the news all of the past updates are now coming together. New structure pieces and functionality, tons of new creatures, weapons, armors and items, new spells, server optimizations and new gameplay systems. Who could not agree that CItadel is the best it has ever been?!

Check out the full list of changes below, See you in Ignus!

  • Three new endgame dungeons: Blood Soul Citadel, Phoenix Soul Citadel and Dragon’s Heart Citadel
  • Three new boss monsters within each dungeon
  • Three new sets of unique boss armor
  • Boss dungeon shards now drop from Tundra monsters
  • A large selection of new armor and weapon variants (dungeon drop exclusive)
  • New flight visual effects
  • Two new craftable weapons: Wand of Thorns and Staff of Sacrifice
  • One new craftable armor set: Dark Iron Armor

Here is a first look at the Forsaken Crypts Trailer:




Citadel: Forged With Fire is available now on Steam Early Access for $24.99 and is in development for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

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