Dark and Light - 11/30 Update - Patch Notes and General Updates

Dark and Light - New Furnishing, Shield Improvements, and Knowledge Unlocks!

Greetings fellow Adventurers! This week, some improvements to offhand shields and attribute bonuses to knowledge unlocks, as well as a few other small additions, changes, and bug fixes. In the near future, we will see some New Furnishings. These will help make your Adventurer and their homes feel unique. In December, the developers are planning on adding dyes for both structures and tamed creatures. These features will be added with a few more furnishings for your home!

Let's take a look at the full list of changes and additions made to the game this patch! You can find a list right here:

Patch Notes and General Updates

  • Shield Improvements: The Shield is getting some much needed buffs and QoL improvements in this patch.Damage is now dealt to shield durability. Shields now completely nullify damage from frontal attacks when active (holding RMB).  When a shield reaches 0 durability while equipped, it is automatically replaced by a shield with durability remaining from your inventory/hotbar.
  • City Restructuring: In our last few patches, we moved a few locations from within Estel, Talos, and Ironfast to outside of the city, including the stables. In this patch, we’re continuing to improve these small villages to help make them feel a little more alive.
  • Knowledge Attribute Bonuses: This patch introduces new way to specialize and improve your character through percentage-based stat bonuses associated with each Knowledge node. As you increase the rank of a Knowledge node, you’ll earn a small percentage bonus for one or more attributes. With this new system, you can even earn bonuses to attributes that weren’t upgradeable before! For example, reaching higher ranks in Air Magic will grant a bonus to Movement Speed.

Full list of ranking knowledge nodes:


  • Survival - Health
  • Melee Crafting - Attack
  • Ranged Crafting - Attack
  • Offhand - Stamina
  • Armor Crafting - Health
  • Tailoring - Mana
  • Cooking - Hunger + Thirst
  • Farming - Weight
  • Taming - Constitution
  • Riding - Movement Speed
  • Forging - Weight


  • Staffs - Mana
  • Alchemy - Health
  • Light Magic - Focus
  • Dark Magic - Focus
  • Fire Magic - Cold Resist
  • Water Magic - Thirst + Heat Resist
  • Earth Magic - Weight
  • Air Magic - Movement Speed
  • Shapeshifter Magic - Stamina
  • Thaumaturgy - Mana
  • Enchanting - Mana
  • Goblin Engineering - Constitution


  • Straw work - Health
  • Woodwork - Health
  • Stonework - Health
  • Ironwork - Health
  • Framework - Mana
  • Human Manor - Health
  • Elven Manor - Health
  • Dwarven Manor - Health
  • Manor Framework - Mana
  • Decor - Focus
  • House - Health
  • Added Guards and Villagers to small villages / stables outside of the city.
  • Winding Roots Spell: Now has a delayed activation after 1.5 seconds instead of rooting the target immediately.
  • Wheat Fields: Further optimized performance while harvesting in the field.
  • Bytorg’s Toolbox: Increased the number of item slots in the workbench to allow for larger number of items to be crafted at once.
  • Updated several item icons.
  • Decor Knowledge Rank 5 added - High-Backed Chair and Oil Lamp Schemas added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where certain vendors in Estel weren’t spawning.
  • Fixed a bug where Wraith projectile sound effects would play even when far away from the source of the sound.
  • Fixed a bug where Pegasi weren’t tameable.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect damage values on Wheat Field Goblins.
  • Fixed a bug where some areas of the Hot Springs water wasn’t functioning as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Infernus Dragon fire breath (RMB while riding) wasn’t dealing any damage.
  • Fixed a bug on Chaos Servers where House Rankings weren’t showing up properly on city billboards.
  • Fixed a bug where some Schemas in a Cyclops Workbench were displaying incorrect crafting requirements.



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