Citadel Forged with Fire - Dungeon update, tweaks, and changes!

Citadel Forged with Fire - Community Feedback - Dungeon update, more tweaks, and changes!

"We're so excited to finally have our huge Forsaken Crypts update out there for everyone to play! Countless hours were spent designing and creating the various dungeons, bosses and items within it, and to see people engage with the new content has been extremely fulfilling for us here at Blue Isle Studios."


The major update that came late last week has received overwhelming feedback! Both positive and negative, the developers over at Blue Island Studio are happy to accept the feedback received. The developers have really taken the feedback to heart. They have increased the drop rate of the boss dungeon shards.  Although the items are intended to be quite rare, many players reported spending hours hunting without the slightest hint of a drop. This is a little more intense than originally intended. Additionally, falling damage has been decreased.

To top it all off a number of fixes outside of the boss dungeons have been made.  Players can no longer use Telekinesis on structures owned by other players. The bug that prevented some of the resources scattered across Ignus to be harvested has been fixed as well.

The dungeons themselves will also receive a few tweaks based on player feedback.  Community Manager Denis gives us details about the changes to the dungeons here:

We've altered a few parts of the terrain to reduce the changeability of some of the bosses, made adjustments to the power and behavior of the bosses themselves to make them a little more imposing, and have made some striking aesthetic changes to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the dungeons themselves. Take a look at our pretty new lava, for example:


For a full look at the list of changes to Ignus this patch check them out here:

Patch Notes
  • Telekinesis no longer works on doors owned by other players
  • The second Boss Phoenix no longer gets healed after the first dies
  • Boss Phoenixes can no longer hurt each other with their Tornados
  • Boss phoenixes can no longer level-up
  • Fixed a bug that caused boss chests to refill every 5 minutes
  • Fixed instances of abusable terrain in boss arena entrances
  • Falling damage reduced
  • Fixed issues with spell physics affecting party members
  • Fixed an issue preventing beach rocks from being collected
  • Shard drop rates slightly increased
  • Aesthetic changes to Blood Soul Dungeon
  • New lava pools in Dragon’s Heart Dungeon
  • Fixed spell spamming issues with weapon switching
  • Fixed various server crashes


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Dec 7 2017, 05:16 am
Zachary Smith
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