Empyrion Galactic Survival - Additions, GUI improvements, Changes

Empyrion Galactic Survival - Alpha Experimental 7.5.0 (Build 1409) Additions, GUI improvements, Changes

Empyrion Galactic Survival keeps evolving! The developers welcome us with a heap of changes and bug fixes. We see the addition of some new festive items like the Christmas Tree. This can be found in your “Artificial Plants (Deco)”. We also see the addition of solar panels and solar energy. Solar Energy is simple. The algorithm calculates the number of sun-rays that will hit the solar panel at a certain place during the day. The placement affects their efficiency. This means you want to place your panels so they get the best exposure to the suns rays throughout the day. If solar panels produce more electricity than currently needed, the surplus energy is stored in the Capacitor block like in a battery.


This just scratches the surface of the changes, fixes, and additions this patch. If you would like to see all of the goodies this patch click the source link below. However, we have generously left the Empyrion experimental update highlights for you below.


Changelog Highlights: Alpha Experimental 7.5.0 (Build 1409) Additions, GUI improvements, Changes:


  • Added Christmas Tree (found under “Artificial Plants (Deco)”)
  • Added “Akua Sparkling Wine, demi-sec, Class 2480” (also in start equipment SP; available from traders of Market Cafe, bars and all food-selling places)
  • Added new model for Zirax NPC (with size and style variations)
  • Added new model for Scifi-style Bunk Bed (found under “Furnishings (Deco)”)
  • Added new logo (Earth faction) to symbols
  • Added single and double corner lights
  • Added solar panels (horizontal and sloped)
  • Added capacitor (solar) to manage the electricity of the solar panels and store the electrical energy for use during the night or bad weather
  • Solar panels & capacitor (solar) are currently only usable for bases (Space and planet)

GUI improvements:

  • Added "Back" button (Disconnect from Server and go back to Server Browser)
  • Added “Back” arrow button to starter planet selection to toggle starter planets back and forth
  • Some layout tweaks to windows "Choose Starting Planet" and "New Game"


  • Several optimizations, e.g. less lags when moving over terrain and better scheduling of tasks (less CPU spiking)
  • PDA message boxes can now also be closed via ESC key
  • AutoMinerDepletion is now set to False in dedicated.yaml per default
  • Updated Localization.csv and PDA Tutorial Localization (e.g. added Russian language for PDA: Thanks to Sergei)
  • Somewhat relaxed timing of playfield server starting, especially when another pf server has just been asked to load playfield data
  • Headshot multiplier are displayed again
  • Removed "Compress" button in Resume Game Window
  • Free camera mode is not active anymore per default when sitting on motorbike (you have to enable it with Left Alt)
  • Larger colliders for Light Lantern and Worklight 02 to make it easier to interact with
  • Updated EAC to latest release 17-11-15

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Early crashing playfield servers could lead to the situation that the dedi never starts another playfield server again
  • Fixed: Allied turrets shots on private vessels of allied faction members
  • Fixed: Problem that players were sometimes ejected immediately from an instance
  • Fixed: Steam workshop upload issue (now display Steam Workshop problems to player)
  • Fixed: Small bug with jetpack thrusters staying on
  • Possible Fix: Distant terrain missing chunk
  • Fixed: Stretched textures on preview box of blueprints
  • Fixed: 'Ungrouped' group Active switch when resuming a save game causing some devices to be turned off.
  • Fixed: Jetpack thruster pointing downwards were not active in Creative mode when hovering in air
  • Fixed: Errors in some situations in Build Settings Window
  • Fixed: Corrupt ply file in a savegame prevented the Resume Game window to be shown
  • Fixed: POI Xenu Weapon Bunker did not spawn on Masperon
  • Fixed: Wrong constructor output grid size
  • Fixed: Problem that light was shining through walls behind light
  • Fixed: Random error when loading game
  • Fixed: Performance problem with grass
  • Fixed: Exiting a open cockpit can sometimes place the avatar outside or into close by blocks.
  • Fixed: Problem that emissive of some light blocks did not become dark without power
  • Fixed: Autominer with 0 source quality giving stacks of 999 ores for free
  • Fixed: Overbright material on indoor plants
  • Fixed: Problem that Gravity Generator on platform in Creative Omicron Orbit was not active (player could not move)




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