Dark and Light - Fireworks and the February Development Timeline

Dark and Light - Fireworks and the February Development Timeline

Greetings adventurers! Another patch comes to Dark and Light! You can now celebrate and enjoy special occasions or events. The addition of Fireworks comes with this update. In celebration of the Spring Event, you will also see some special Holiday Fireworks. We left a full list of the changes and fixes from the Archos Herold 25 below!

In addition to the many fixes and changes made this patch, we also receive a Development timeline for February 2018!  Development timelines are a good way to get an idea of what to expect in the future, and also to get an idea of where the development of the game is headed. Here is a word from SG Erebus on the Development Timeline:

Our Monthly Development Timeline for February has been completed, and this should give everyone a good idea of what to expect for this month! We have a lot of new ideas planned for this month and March, and we’re really excited to give further details about our upcoming plans. This timeline will be updated throughout February, and any announced changes to our schedule will also be reflected here.


As always here is a full list of the changes and fixes this patch:

General Updates

Remove Structure Demolish Timer

  • Structure demolish timers has been a topic of the community for some time, so we’ve decided to remove it for now. Our initial intention for having the demolish timer was to prevent server delays caused by an excessive amount of structures on the map. We’ve however kept the demolish time in PvE servers for the time being. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how they are affecting the gameplay of these servers to determine if they need to be removed as well.
  • Players will still be able to see a timer on the structures, however, when the timer is up, the structures will not be demolished automatically. Instead, other players will be able to manually demolish it by pressing E. Structures left unattended can also be manually demolished by players in this same way.

New Content


  • Ancient Fireworks
    • To celebrate The Spring  Festival, we’ve added a new item, Holiday Fireworks.
    • Ancient Festive Fireworks (Golden): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amounts from cave bosses
    • Ancient Worship Ceremonial Fireworks (Green): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amount from cave bosses
    • Ancient Festive Fireworks (Blue): rare drop from barrels, city vendors have a chance to sell them, drops in large amounts from cave bosses
    • Ancient Blessing Fireworks (purple) : only drop from cave bosses
    • When The Spring Festival is over, we’ll remove fireworks drops from the barrels, but they will still be available at city vendors. Cave bosses might drop the recipes for crafting fireworks, which can then be used at the Advanced Millstone/Mortar and Pestle in order to craft them. These recipes won’t be removed once The Spring Festival is over.
    • During The Spring Festival, all the three cities will have fireworks shown at 12AM PST.


  • Standing Torch Flame Effects
    • The community has expressed to us how much they enjoy the different color fires standing torches has. We’ve decided to add a few more since they’ve been so popular!
    • Straw and wood can turn the flame yellow
    • Magic shards can turn the flame purple
    • Bone can turn the flame blue
    • In addition to these, we’re adding two more effects in honor of the Spring Festival!.
    • Fire Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s yellow glittering effect
    • Water Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s blue glittering effect
    • Each elemental core will last for 15 minutes. While it lasts, flame effect won’t be changed if you place a different type of elemental core in it.
    • These effects won’t be removed after The Spring Festival!


  • Optimized the Peregriff’s textures
  • Optimized the Wind Rider’s flying animation and flying audio
  • Optimized the map at the login UI, adding tips to remind players selecting an area for respawn.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some items are more often than others. We’re continuing to test and adjust the city vendors and what they sell.
  • Fixed a bug where the floor in the Talos Royal Court lacks collision
  • Fixed a bug where Estel structures are not showing in their entirety.
  • Fixed a bug where Infernus Dragon will graphical issues after being killed.






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