Staxel 1.2 - New options and countless bugfixes!

New options, countless bugfixes, and a more stable performance await you with the new update!

In addition to new content, the Staxel Update 1.2 also brings a lot of bug fixes and much-awaited performance improvements. What was also desired by the community since its release is - a Journal? The developers have dedicated themselves to the community desires with this update and introduced a few nice things for you. Instead of a mailbox, there is now a rather dynamic mailbox. You will now receive newsletters from the mayor, gifts from your neighbors and also, as in real life, advertising and other more or less desirable mail. The economic system has also been revised to make it more sustainable. Since the developers are not completely satisfied, there will be further changes in the future.
In addition, helpfulness is worth even more. You get better rewards and more recognition from the villagers. By the way, worth mentioning: The village has been added! Two new residents are waiting for you. How and where? We will not tell you!

The Journal

The Journal will be your new useful companion because there you will find a lot of information at a glance in the future. At the moment you will find all your current quests in the diary. In the future, you will also see a detailed history of your conversations with the villagers and the status of your friendships.









The Museum

The village finally gets a cultural place, which should give the village life more history. In the museum, you can now present your discoveries and attract visitors coming from far away to admire your exhibited specimens. Of course, there are also new collectibles for you through the opening of the museum.





A museum also needs exhibits and this is where the fossils come into play. You can now - as with Animal Crossing - find fossils all over the island. After they have been polished you can find out what a gem you dug up - the remains of a dangerous predator or even a dinosaur?











A full list of the changes and fixes made this update:

Changelog 1.2

Updates from 1.1.51 to 1.2.4

Big things:

  • Mail system. You can now receive mail.
  • Journal. Press J to see your current daily quests and main quests.
  • Museum sign. You can make a museum now.
  • Two New NPCs.
  • A lot of stuff to put in the museum.
  • A large number of item prices have been changed.
    New reward items.


  • Added “/plantwithering”. Turns on/off plant withering. Only recommended for large servers/build servers.
  • You can turn stone and wood back into their original blocks.
  • Added Sushi and Ice-cream recipes. Updates to other food recipes.
  • Name tags now show on map


  • Food doesn’t get used in creative mode.
  • Pot plant beds don’t trigger house bed counts.
  • Commands can now except blobs again. (e.g. /spawnitem {“kind”: “staxel.item.NullItem”})
  • Wooden Pole Fence T and X appear in autotiling.
  • Trough should be clearer about why it can’t be filled.


  • Forced a minimum size of particle. (Fixes crashes due to 0 size.)
  • Lots of catchable fixes (catching bugs should no longer give you the wrong bug).
  • Fixed double Music track issues.
  • Fixed music playing in Mono.
  • Fixed ambient sound carrying to Main Menu.
  • Fixed totems displaying a notification on new scans.
  • Fixed a number of Steam Networking issues.
  • Sound should be playing in the correct ears now.
  • Selfie mode is disabled when going to sleep.
  • Catching all bugs should now be possible.
  • Fix fishing bobble particles not showing.
  • A number of behind the scenes changes/fixes to Entity Saving and Loading.
  • Fixed UI paths failing when they have spaces in them
  • Fixed Aristaeus achievement failing to trigger


  • Game Version Class has been added. (Ways to use it can be seen in the Mail class.)
  • Watering Can particles and sound are editable.
  • Steam version will remove 32bit DLL’s before trying to load the game.
  • Polaroid has been added to NPC’s. This shows up in journal.
  • You can hide more than just the Hair layer with “hideLayers” in Accessories.
  • “notCategories” is added to AnyOfCategory achievements. To use for filtering out items.
  • Anything using IEntityLogicBuilder needs to update to IEntityLogicBuilder2.


Mar 6 2018, 09:50 pm
Zachary Smith
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