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Houston, Mars is here! Patch Notes v0.1.1203.6028

Hey, Stationeers fans! The march towards the final Mars scenario moves forward! The recent patches and this version Update have provided a slew of fixes to the game. This has included a lot of fixes to the previous content as well as fixes to the mothership system. These, of course, will allow you to build rockets and ships that will be needed to get around in the future. These features will form the end of the mars scenario.

For now, you will be able to find the Mars scenario with basic functions. The world will have an atmosphere like the real mars, however, the developers intend on adding content to help with the unique tasks of running a Martian base. Check out the new features and the v0.1.1203.6028 changelog below!

Portable Power

You can now make a portable solar for charging batteries in those really rough situations! It is constructed on the Electronics printer, with a recipe similar to that of the Solar Panels themselves.

Improving Art

Developer Petr has slowly been improving the art, including now the Active and Passive Vents, as well as the heavy cables. There is even a few new heavy cable variants in there that the community has been requesting. More of this will continue!


The full list of the changes made this Version Update:

Version 0.1.1203.6028
  • Fixed another couple of instances where sounds had incorrect MaxDistance values set and as a result could be heard much further away than intended.
  • Fixed a bug with room data was not cleaned up when session ended.
  • Fixed an issue atmosphere would exit when deleting Sleeper.
  • Fixed bug with Scrubber not venting air when set to Open due to exceeded pressure error state. Now will vent even when completely full, if the lever is open.
  • Added Portable Solar. When placed outside of inventory, the panels will open. A battery can be placed inside, and available sunlight will be used to slowly charge the battery. Can be constructed using the Electronics Printer, using similar resources to the large solar panel.
  • Added Heavy Cable variant for 4-way corner piece. Constructable from Heavy Cable Coil.
  • Changed heavy cable to models which were more distinct and fitting with aesthetic of the game.
  • Added 3-way corner heavy cable model, in line with normal cable coil corner.
  • Fixed out of focus main menu
  • Added DOF to be removed when enabling menu lite option
  • Fix construction cursor flickering when building walls and windows.
  • Added Soy Oil that can be produced in the Reagent Processor from Soy Beans.
  • Added Fries that can be made in the microwave using a Potato and a small quantity of Soy Oil. Provides a lot of calories.
  • Added Baked Potato recipe. One potato can now be turned into a baked potato in the microwave, for more nutrition.
  • Changed Portable Scrubber. Now will suck in all atmosphere when no filter is installed. Also added a level, when open, the internal atmosphere of the scrubber will be ejected into the world. This makes the scrubber more useful for different functions, such as clearing all of an atmosphere from a room on a planet.
  • Added an option in misc settings to enable a bare bones menu with no particles
  • Fixed issue with on/off sounds on Wall Heaters/Coolers MaxDistance setting, meaning they were always playing at full volume no matter where the player was in relation to them. Let us know if you notice any other objects behaving in a similar way.
  • Fixed Clients joining servers with custom global atmosphere. Client now receives the global gas mix during the joining phase
  • Fixed items and structures occluding when moving too fast. Things no longer flicker on and off when moving quickly on a mothership.
  • Fixed self collision for all things in thing Awake
  • Fixed construction tooltip while building on moving mothership
  • Fixed motherships velocity is now correctly clamped. This value will probably change but it's set to the same as the player for now.
  • Fixed motherships constantly pitching/yawing before snapping back to upright after collision.
  • Fixed being unable to build on mothership while it's moving. Still some problems when the ship is rotating that need fixing.
  • Fixed tooltips jittering on motherships.
  • Fixed Active Vent missing box collider so could not be deconstructed. Now has correct collider.
  • Fixed dynamic scrubbers not working in global atmospheres. Dynamic Scrubbers should now be able filter and trap gasses from global (e.g. Martian) atmospheres.
  • Reverted global atmosphere per AtmosphericsController back to a single global atmosphere
  • Fixed most interactions on moving motherships - Now using the interpolated RigidBody position with the camera offset added. Camera position wont work properly while the player is moving
  • Added sun fading out at night time to reduce the occurrences of seeing the sun through the terrain and the terrain not casting shadows on objects
  • Fixed HandleCollision doing excessive work - HandleCollisionsWith was being called multiple times on each structure and was doing it for each other structure. Removed pointless checks and added a magnitude distance check using the bounds of both objects to see if they could potentially be touching.
  • Fixed items jittering when being pushed by a mothership. When their grid controller is changed to a mothership interpolation is enabled.
  • Fixed issue where Asteroids in space were not visible after loading from save.
  • Changed Active Vent model to new model, in line with other atmospheric item changes.
  • Added first pass of new New World Menu including custom world settings screen. Customizing some settings not yet supported, so consider it a work-in-progress for now.
  • Fixed motherships using the main global atmosphere to using their own copy - still more work to be done on the mothership AtmosControl
  • Fixed Tanks dynamic tanks in tank connectors colliding with motherships affecting the motherships movement
  • Made Mothership be affected by Gravity
  • Fixed NRE when fail to join server.
  • Added new localization strings for Workshop page
  • Fixed creative mode setting not applying correctly from map presets.
  • Fixed broken scene reference to Speech Recognizer.
  • Changed Mars temperature to -60
  • Fixed issue where world settings were not being properly initialized if you started a second game without restarting the client.
  • Fixed issue where world name was not being set correctly when loading a game.
  • Disabled custom world parameters temporarily while a couple of server issues get resolved.
  • Changed automatically assigned tags for workshop saved game submissions.
  • Fixed stuttering introduced in 5919 by reverting some bad logic in WorldManager
  • Fixed error when pressing the create world button without selecting an option. It now defaults to the moon world if no button was selected
  • Fixed hunger no longer applies to characters inside a sleeper.
  • Fixed holes in terrain caused by registering with incorrect neighbours
  • Fixed incorrect mars atmosphere composition
  • Fixed items falling through terrain when loading a saved game caused by terrain not loading in properly around things
  • Added World Settings are now saved out when the world is in worldsettings.xml. When loading a game, if this file is not found it will fall back to the old method/presets.
  • Moved world settings to XML. All world settings are now exposed in XML. This allows for adding custom world types and exposing the settings in game
  • Added custom world generation parameters. It is now possible to define your own world terrain generation via XML
  • Improved speed of terrain generation significantly through micro optimisations and removing unnecessary bounds checking when setting voxel.
  • Fixed NRE by checking that CurrentBuildState is set before attempting to access its renderer.
  • Fixed will now display default image if no mod preview image is provided.
  • Replaced Passive Vent model with new model.
  • Fixed cast bar getting stuck when consuming cereal bars too quickly.
  • Fixed airlocks leaking atmosphere when internal doors are open. 1x1 rooms should no longer leak atmosphere.
  • Missing material for baked potatoes.
  • Fixed ore smelting gas always being output into world atmosphere. Now smelting gases in furnaces should output into connected pipe network again instead of world atmosphere.
  • Added egg carton recipe for the fabricator
  • Added Baked Potato


Mar 12 2018, 08:35 pm
Zachary Smith
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