A New Mode Arrives! The "PvX Clock" mode comes to ARK Mobile

New Game Mode!  The PvX Clock

Greetings ARK Fans! Are you ready for a brand new experience on your own ARK Mobile server? The developers over at War Drum Studios recently released the "PvX Clock" where you can enjoy PvP and PvE on the same map! Check out some details on the new game mode below.

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About the Game Mode

PvX Clock is a new take on the standard PvX game mode introduced to ARK Mobile last year. The PvX Clock mode combines elements of PvE and PvP into one server, where players encounter one central PvP zone and a rotating PvP slice that moves around the map throughout the day. Like clockwork, the play area will change between PVE and PVP. Players are encouraged to build their base in the PvE zone, and defend it when the PvP slice comes around.


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Mar 8 2019, 08:23 pm
Zachary Smith
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