Add a Custom Map to Your Minecraft Server


Minecraft is an infinite game of creativity, delivering endless worlds to traverse with tons of special biomes, cute creatures, and explosive dangers for all to experience! Within these worlds, Minecraft players alike can enjoy tons of variety so that they’ll never get bored and will always have a good time!

From custom minigame maps like the original Survival Games to worlds recreating cities and towns, and adventure maps that share a story, you and your friends can enjoy new adventures through Minecraft custom maps that can be added with ease! Follow below and learn how you can take your server to the next level with a custom map for your Minecraft server!


When trying custom maps on your Minecraft server, there are several ways that you can add these maps! Through Nitrado’s built-in automatic map installer for Minecraft servers, by using custom maps found on Minecraft map websites, or by using your own single-player map directly from your Minecraft game to share the fun with your friends.


  1. Go on your Minecraft server’s control panel.
  2. On your server panel, on the left side select “SWITCH GAME”.
    Switch Minecraft Server Versions

  3. In the “Search for games” search bar, type in “Minecraft”.
  4. Find the option “Minecraft (Adventure & Survival Map)” and click install to browse through different custom maps you can try on your server!
    Minecraft Server Types to install

    While the selection is named “Available modpacks”, this also contains a mixture of Minecraft: Java adventure maps, Vanilla custom maps, and a variety of modpacks from different Minecraft launchers that you can install and switch between.

  5. After selecting the map you’d like to add to your server, click the “Install” option to confirm the installation.
    Skyblock Minecraft server type

    That map will now be installed and set on your server to ensure you and your players have a brand new world to experience!


  1. Find a map that you’d like to download and use for your server. There are several sites that offer this:
    • PlanetMinecraft
    • MinecraftMaps
  2. Once you have found the map that you’d like to download, locate the “Download Map” option and press that to begin downloading the map.
    Custom Minecraft Map Downloads

    In this example, we’re downloading a “Five Nights at Freddy’s” map from PlanetMinecraft.

  3. Maps will generally download as a .zip file. Using a program such as 7Zip or WinRAR, you will need to move this .zip to an empty folder on your computer, right-click that file, and press “Extract Here”.
    extra Minecraft world files

    This will give you the world’s folder and files.

    Minecraft custom maps files

  4. Now that you have the map’s folder, you’re ready to upload and install that map to your server!


  1. Find the location your Minecraft worlds are stored at.
    • On Windows, using the “Search” tool search for “%appdata%” and open that folder. Enter the “.minecraft” folder and then the “saves” folder to find your Minecraft worlds.
      local Minecraft worlds

    • On Mac, start Minecraft and select one of your worlds from single-player that you wish to upload but do not start that world. Instead, press the “Edit” option and then “Open World Folder” to access that map’s files.
      Minecraft single player edit worlds

      opening your Minecraft world folder

      This will open the main files for your world.

  2. You can copy these files and add them to their own folder to make a world folder, which you can then upload to your server!


Once you have downloaded and prepared your custom map, you can now add that to your Minecraft server for everyone to enjoy! Before you start with these steps, you will need the FileZilla client or your preferred file transfer program.

  1. On your Minecraft control panel, stop your server temporarily to ensure you can safely change your server to a new map.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your control panel and locate the “FTP Credentials” section.
    Nitrado FTP Credentials

    This information will contain your FTP credentials including your hostname, port, username, and password which we will add to FileZilla to connect to your server files.

  3. In FileZilla, in the top bar add your hostname, username, password, and port into these fields like this:
    Adding your FTP login information

  4. Press “Quickconnect” to then connect to your file browser to see your server files.
  5. Enter the main folder for your server. For example, if you have Minecraft Bukkit/Spigot installed, your main server folder will be named “minecraftbukkit”.
  6. Drag and drop the Minecraft world you wish to upload into this folder to allow that world to fully upload!
    uploading map files to Minecraft server

  7. With that map uploaded, go back to your Minecraft server panel.
  8. Look to the left under “TOOLS” and click on the “World Manager” option.
    uploading map files to Minecraft server

  9. In the “World manager”, you will see all of the worlds on your server including the custom world you uploaded! In our example, that custom world is “Freddy Fazbears ”.
  10. Press “Active” next to that world to set that as the main map for your server.
    change your active Minecraft server world

  11. You will be asked if you are sure you want to run that command. Press “Activate” one last time on that prompt to set that map as the new server map!
  12. Your server will automatically restart and load that custom map to your Minecraft server!


Why is my custom Minecraft map not loading?

A Minecraft map can fail to load due to a few different reasons. This can include the map being outdated, the world becoming corrupted, or the files of that map not being formatted correctly. As an example of a world not that wouldn’t be formatted correctly, a Minecraft Bedrock Edition world would not be able to work correctly on a Minecraft: Java Edition server.

We recommend that your server uses the same version that your Minecraft custom maps were created on and that you ensure all map files are properly formatted and uploaded during the process of installing a custom map.

Blocks and buildings disappeared in my Minecraft world?

The buildings in Minecraft worlds are made up of blocks used from the version of Minecraft that was used when creating that map. Newer versions of Minecraft implement changes to blocks and block IDs regularly, to make improvements and add new blocks!

Due to these updates and changes within Minecraft, if you use an older Minecraft world on a newer version of Minecraft, this will cause certain blocks to change, disappear, and be replaced by newer blocks.

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