ARK Aberration Guide - Radiation & Mutation


Welcome adventurer! ARK is a daring place full of many amazing worlds featuring corruption, massive volcanos, deep oceans, and forests as far as the eye can see. Of those many worlds, the next in our exploration is an abandoned ARK known as Aberration that promises an insightful and exciting journey ahead.

starting area of ARK Aberration

Damaged and no longer having an atmosphere, harsh conditions and intense radiation surrounds this ARK with deep and lush underground worlds that our team is ready to explore to find the secrets of how Aberration became in this state. Join us in our mission to experience Aberration, learn of its regions and creatures, and how you can experience your own Aberration adventure on an ARK server!


ARK Aberration map


Reviewing the map of Aberration, we noticed many of the regions were deep underground with all surface areas being plagued with radiation. The radiation was quite harmful and so for a majority of our exploration, we remained in the cave regions to protect our team. Each area we observed appeared to be of specific regions, including fertile regions of mushrooms, bright areas lit up with bio-luminescence, areas of molten elements flowing in rivers and down waterfalls, and the deadly surface region polluted in radiation. To learn more about each of these regions, we did an in-depth analysis and discovered a lot of useful information!


Fertile regions of ARK Aberration
Beginning our investigation, we spawned within the Fertile region, an area that flourished in mushrooms and trees inside underground caves. The many resources found here allowed our team to get started with making a camp and before we knew it, we were ready for the next region!


Bio Luminescent ARK Aberration region
Upon entering the Bio Luminescent area, we discovered that it was consistently cold requiring us to wear warmer gear. While camping in this region, we were required to keep charged light around our base through the help of creatures including Featherlight, Bulbdog, Glowtail, and Shinehorn to prevent Nameless and Reapers from attacking us. After a long cold day and night of investigating, we were ready to move on.


ARK Aberration Surface
Happening upon the Surface, immense radiation and heat made it difficult to navigate safely. Our team eventually had to develop protective gear to keep us safe from the radiation's harmful effects. On the surface, treading lightly we discovered oil rocks that provided an abundance of oil and supply crates that dropped frequently. Avoiding the dangers of the Nameless, Reaper Kings, and Seekers, our research team managed to collect a hoard of supplies before we proceeded back into the underground.


ARK Aberration Molten Element area
One of the most beautiful and dangerous areas of the ARK Aberration, the Molten Element regions are covered in flowing rivers, waterfalls, and bodies of element that was poisonous to others when touched. In this area, not only were we required to use protective gear to avoid radiation but there were often times we were attacked by many difficult enemies. Feeding our tames mushroom brew also helped them to avoid the damaging radiation. After a long trek through this area, we managed to find the terminal to access the final arena!


Rockwell Terminal arena

The Rockwell Arena was a vicious area and we had to be prepared with our best gear and Aberration tames immune to radiation to prepare for the fight ahead. Encompassed in an invisible dome that prevented us from exiting the arena, we were put face to face with the final boss of ARK Aberration. Through sheer will and firepower, our research team managed to pull off the impossible defeating the foe and uncovering the final secrets of ARK Aberration.


In the land of ARK Aberration, as we explored we came across many creatures of all varieties where some were helpful, and some were downright terrifying instantly attacking our team on sight. With a lot of time and effort, our research team managed to gather notes regarding each of our encounters with the creatures of Aberration. Below, you can read our notes about these encounters and the experiences we had running into these creatures!


Aberrant Creatures in ARK

One of the first types of creatures we faced was known as Aberrant creatures. These creatures appeared in every region we had explored and included everything from an Aberrant Dodo, Aberrant Piranha, and even an Aberrant Araneo! Ah, I’m terrified of spiders! Fighting against these powerful variants, we learned Aberrant creatures all had 4% less health but dealt 6% more damage and glowed in the dark.


ARK Aberration Rock Drake
While inside of the bio-luminescent and molten element regions, one creature in particular always appeared known as the Rock Drake and they would always attack our team. A large lizard-like creature similar to a wyvern, the Rock Drake was able to turn almost fully invisible. A powerful creature and tame that we needed for our team, we learned that it was impossible to tame an adult Rock Drake and so we worked to collect a Rock Drake egg and raise it.


Bulbdog in ARK Aberration
An adorable creature, when we first found a Bulbdog it looked like a mix between a pug and an anglerfish that is always glowing. Gentle like its real-life dog counterpart, the Bulbdog would run over to our team members ready to accept treats. Unfortunately, sweet times with the Bulbdog didn’t last long as we were attacked and it ran off. Next time our research team returns to the Fertile region, my goal will be to catch one as a pet by feeding it some of our cooked lamb chops back at camp!


Featherlight in bio luminescent region
Traveling through the Molten Element area, a falcon-like creature flew near us called a Featherlight. With glowing feathers on its head, wings, and tail, it was a beautiful creature that our team found quite useful. Taming the creature with Plant Species Z Seeds, the Featherlight offered a charged light ability that replenished over time and protected us from Nameless and Reaper ambushes.


ARK Aberration Glowbug
Glowing in the distance, we discovered Glowbugs inside all of the regions of Aberration. Always surrounded in a glowing aura, Glowbugs were passive to our team and never attacked, only ever running away if they spotted us. Carrying 500 charge, we were able to utilize charged light pets and charge batteries to collect the charge before they’d run away.


ARK Aberration Glowtail
Inside the darker caves of the Bio Luminescent region, one creature caught our eye as it scurried across the rock walls. Gecko-like, the creature called Glowtail appeared with its bright tail glowing strong as it approached our team. Using Ascerbic Mushroom, we fed and tamed the Glowtail finding it extremely useful for its charged light ability which offered protection against Nameless and Reapers.


Nameless in ARK Aberration
While venturing through the Bio Luminescent and Molten Element areas, groups of terrifying gremlin-like creatures known as Nameless would pop out of the ground chasing after us. Running seemed pointless as they began to surround us until our helpful Featherlight’s ability charge light began to take effect. The Nameless stopping immediately and after some time, they eventually left us alone.


Lamprey ARK Aberration
Passing by small sections of water, one of our team’s members ended up being attacked. The culprit was found to be a small wriggly Lamprey that had waited in the water ready to attach to anything that came by. Upon attaching to our member, they experienced several effects including charged light, the mega rabies debuff which began to damage them, and the Lamprey poison debuff that lowered their health. We helped our team member to a campfire and once they stood inside, the Lamprey came off.


Ravager in ARK Aberration
Within the Fertile region, with such beauty we did not expect a creature of this strength to be inside. Known by many names including the Ravager, Barghest, and Cave Wolf, the Ravager was very wolf-like often traveling in packs of three to five. This aggressive creature began to lash out at our team being extremely quick. While dangerous, we worked hard to tame several of these creatures and discovered a pack buff that makes Ravagers stronger together. We would use this to our advantage in our later creature fights.


ARK Aberration Reaper Queen
The Reaper Queen was one of the most dangerous foes we faced while inside of Aberration. Charging at us from afar, the Queen had health equal to that of an Alpha Predator. It also unleashed a devastating narcotic poison from its tail as it attacked. Using a pack of strong Ravagers, we were able to fight back the creature. Once we had lowered the creature's health drastically, we discovered it could impregnate a survivor. After the fight, about twelve hours later that survivor had a baby Reaper which required that survivor to have Reaper Pheromone Gland to imprint the creature and grow it to an adult, adding a strong fighter to our team!


ARK Aberration Reaper King
The first time we had seen a Reaper King was from the birth our survivors had after our encounter with a Reaper Queen. The Reaper King appeared quite similar to the Reaper Queen but seemed to be much more colorful. Reaper Kings were quite aggressive, with the baby Reaper being no exception as it chased our team members around. Wild Reaper Kings were much worse though, initiating dangerous attacks on our team which required our strongest tames and weapons to fend them off.


Karkinos in ARK Aberration
Scary spider-like creatures, the Karkinos was another dangerous surprise that appeared near almost any source of water on Aberration in large numbers. As we neared rivers inside of an artifact cave, they jumped us attacking us with claws and attempting to smash members of our team. We attempted to run, but their speed proved too much. Thankfully with pure luck and the help of our tames, we were able to fend off the Karkinos and live another day.


ARK Aberration server Basilisk
While walking through the underground, a member of our team came across three spikes sticking out of the ground. Pulling on it without knowing, a Basilisk burst out of the ground biting and spitting poison. We rushed over to save our member but were also sprayed with poison. Rushing to escape, we grabbed our members and ran away so that we could heal the poison. When we returned, we managed to tame a Basilisk using other creatures’ eggs and were able to take advantage of its powerful carrying and transportation abilities.


Roll Rat in ARK Aberration
Roll Rats were a very unique creature we came across on the ARK Aberration as they offered a benefit that their tamed counterpart could not. When finding a wild Roll Rat, they would often submerge themselves into the ground pulling out different gems. We would sit by and watch this docile creature, waiting as it collected gems and then we’d run over and grab them. Unfortunately, grabbing the gems would make the Roll Rat hostile but we would always manage to run away until it calmed down again.


ARK Aberration Seeker
Supporting their name, we discovered Seekers while using charged light learning that they were drawn to the light in order to survive in the harshest areas and conditions. Without charge light, Seekers would leave us alone but the moment it noticed the light, it would aggressively attack often in a group, and our research found that they would also get a buff from charged light they collect that doubles the damage they deal. Vicious creatures, we learned to always turn off lights around them.


Aberration Shinehorn
Going through the Bio Luminescent zone, another gentle charge-light creature appeared before us. Known as the Shinehorn, the small fluffy creature had glowing antlers that it would use to scare away Nameless that appeared nearby. While defenseless, we worked to tame this creature using Aggeravic Mushroom and the Shinehorn ended up being of huge help, providing its charge light ability to us along with keeping the Nameless away as we performed our research.


Rockwell final boss in ARK Aberration

Upon entering the final arena through the Rockwell Terminal, that was when our research team uncovered the biggest threat on the ARK Aberration. Emerging from the dangerous molten element with large glowing tentacles, Rockwell appeared. A former explorer that became a monstrous humanoid due to element experimentation gone wrong, we were to battle Rockwell and take back the ARK. Repeatedly attacking his tentacles, with each tentacle destroyed this stunned Rockwell allowing us to deal damage to him. Doing this enough times, and with powerful mounts by our side to protect us, we managed to take down Rockwell!


Throughout all of the underground regions that we had explored, a quite scary experience kept occurring. Earthquakes would begin shaking the caves we were inside quite violently, knocking our members around and throwing them from cliffs they were climbing. Several of our members were injured due to this but the earthquakes did help by providing us with rare drops that would fall as they occurred. We were quick to collect the drops before continuing our adventure.



  1. Open your ARK server control panel and to the left, under “SETTINGS” select “General”.
    ARK Aberration server settings

  2. In your ARK:SE settings under “Base settings”, locate the “Mapname” setting and use the dropdown to select “Aberration”.
    ARK server maps and DLC

  3. Afterward, press “Save changes” and then restart your ARK server.
  4. Upon startup, your server will now be running the Aberration DLC!


During our discoveries in Aberration, we learned of the many dangers and magnificent creatures that deal with the constant radiation that surrounds this ARK. Going through the Molten Element regions and Bio Luminescent lands, difficult foes, and helpful charge light pets appeared, teaching us about the biodiversity that manages to thrive despite the harsh conditions.

With our research complete, we invite you to experience your own research adventure to uncover the many secrets still waiting to be discovered on ARK Aberration. Invite your friends and bring them along for the journey when you try the ARK Aberration DLC on your own ARK game server!

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