ARK: Genesis - The DLC is here! Release information and Private Server Details

ARK Genesis in here!

Greetings survivors! The long wait is over. Dive into the new DLC and experience a brand new adventure. ARK Genesis is now available on all platforms. You are able to switch your private server right over to the new map.

Need help changing your map? Check out these helpful instructions and read more about the new DLC below!

Embark on a new quest for survival. Best played on your own Nitrado Game server!

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ARK Genesis

The DLC will feature new resources, new features, and new creatures. Here is a refresher on all the content confirmed to be releasing on today!

Unique Environmental Features:

  • An active volcano that rains fire from the sky.
  • An expansive water biome with deep undersea trenches and whirlpools.
  • Frigid mountain peaks with avalanches.
  • An alien moon with low gravity, a thin atmosphere, oxygen vents, Element fog, and solar rays that will kill the survivor if they are exposed to it.
  • Fetid alien bogs.

Unique Creatures:



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Feb 26, 06:22 am
Zachary Smith
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186 Days
Hi i am have big issues with my breeding times. Before the genesis updates everything was fine. Then all of a sudden after the update my loot drops randomly changed. I fixed this issue. Now my breeding timers have changed. I have changed the BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier= several ways 200-50, then 10 now 5. Between 175-165 is where I want it for my dino' s. But it makes cloning to 30 seconds. BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=5 Makes Cloning 15 minutes. But it make raising Giga's 1d13h. Can somebody help me please.
189 Days
我不能使用创世纪服务器,我购买了新的服务器没有 创世纪,我不知道还要多久才可以使用新地图。
197 Days
Please submit a support ticket so we can investigate if your server is not starting. We cant help if you leave a comment here, thank you.
205 Days
Anyone else not able to get Genesis to load? It's not coming up for me on my cluster
205 Days
can we get another map for mobile anyone will do
206 Days
This is getting annoying I’m paying all this money for a server and a dlc just to find out I can’t even swap to the new map when they proclaim it’s released
206 Days
Nearly 100 GB downloaded today just for the updates and can't play it yet because its not on here omg shoot me now lol
206 Days
What do we want?? Xbox Genesis servers!! When do we want them?? WHEN THE DLC IS RELEASED!! Please.
206 Days
Just bought a server only to find genesis not in the map list, really disappointed right now :/
206 Days
yea no xbox servers atm lol
206 Days
I was able to select it after servers updated and then the map switched to the island but still said it was Extinction so its broke af
206 Days
Having the same issue...
206 Days
”You are able to switch your private server right over to the new map.“ Probably better to test that theory first instead of claiming it as fact. No option for Xbox servers.
We still can't use the map on our xbox private servers.
206 Days
so when do y'all plan on putting the map on for us to use?