ARK: Genesis - The DLC is here! Release information and Private Server Details

ARK Genesis in here!

Greetings survivors! The long wait is over. Dive into the new DLC and experience a brand new adventure. ARK Genesis is now available on all platforms. You are able to switch your private server right over to the new map.

Need help changing your map? Check out these helpful instructions and read more about the new DLC below!

Embark on a new quest for survival. Best played on your own Nitrado Game server!

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ARK Genesis

The DLC will feature new resources, new features, and new creatures. Here is a refresher on all the content confirmed to be releasing on today!

Unique Environmental Features:

  • An active volcano that rains fire from the sky.
  • An expansive water biome with deep undersea trenches and whirlpools.
  • Frigid mountain peaks with avalanches.
  • An alien moon with low gravity, a thin atmosphere, oxygen vents, Element fog, and solar rays that will kill the survivor if they are exposed to it.
  • Fetid alien bogs.

Unique Creatures:



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