ARK Park - Virtual Reality Jurassic Park

With ARK Park, players may take their first steps into a virtual Jurassic park.

Since we all experienced Jurassic Park back in 1993, dinosaurs have been an even larger topic of interest than they already are. Many people hope to see the day they can actually step foot in a park like that. The movies and other dinosaur-based games have shown us the downfalls of such an idea, but that didn't stop anyone from being glued to the screen. The hype is still just as big today as it ever has been.

There are always going to be games involving dinosaurs, such as with ARK: Survival Evolved and Robinson: The Journey. The dinosaurs are most likely the main reason the titles were successful. ARK probably wouldn't be what it is today if they also wanted zombies in the story. Dinosaurs are a rarely used resource in games, and with the advent of better and better graphical systems, are making for a refreshing experience.

Thanks to Jurassic World, our experience with dinosaurs on the silver screen was recently rebooted, but now it's time for ARK to boot up its VR experience in 2017!

This takes the player on a journey through a prehistoric leisure park. Dive into a living world that responds to you. With over 100 different creatures from the main game of ARK, a very large variety is available. If you consider the constant development of ARK, one can even assume that many more creatures will follow. A special feature of the VR-title will also be the support of VR goggles. While most games only work with a certain pair of goggles or kit, the ARK Park will work with the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, and the Playstation VR. This covers all large VR kits. This step should also help enormously in marketing, as many people do not own several kits, as they are much too expensive.

Here's the first trailer to see for yourself:

The development is done by Snail Games. In a partnership with the ARK developers Studio Wildcard, they took over the already existing creatures. While Snail Games is somewhat unknown, it is known in China for several interactive on-line games and MMOs and is considered one of the best game developers in the world.

Here are some screenshots of the experience as well!

ARK Park Sumpf ARK Park Buggy ARK Park Rex ARK Park Oviraptor ARK Park Station

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Source: Press Release YouTube

Dec 17 2016, 02:03 am
Matthew Wiebke
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