ARK: Survival Evolved - Patch 257 Brings Ascension

With Patch 257, ARK: SE is finally entering the last phase. The Ascension has begun.

Our waiting is over. After receiving the Tek Tier and getting the fourth boss on Scorched Earth, we are finally getting the final end game content. Or at least some of it. This new content, dubbed "Ascension" comes in several stages, and we all have to do it to find out why we are on the ARK.


What is behind this ascent? This new content is based on tried and true methods -- exploring caves looking for a relic that will allow you to ascend to the final battle. The only information we have is that it's a cave, with many mysteries inside, and that it is hard. Very hard. Unlike the other, naturally formed caves, this new cave was clearly built by someone, or something, as it is built with Tek. Not only will you encounter peculiar sculptures or mechanisms, you'll also encounter Tek-augmented life forms.
Tek Höhle

Tek Höhle 2

Tek Höhle 3

Tek Höhle 4

One of these beings would be the Megalodon. The Tek saddle, a particularly dangerous piece of equipment, has been redesigned. The Megalodon can now equip this, and it comes with an upgrade. The Megalodon can attack things out of the water with this.

Tek Megalodon

Everything else in the cave is a mystery, but one thing is for sure: You will need Tek gear and lots of supplies for this.

The New Volcano

As previously mentioned, the volcano has been reworked. Both volcanoes in fact, as both the Island and the Center had their lava regions reworked. They look much better than before and are equally more dangerous. As like the volcano on "Ragnarok", the new version can erupt and spread lava. Molten rocks and gasses are also released, making this a very harsh climate to survive within.

Vulkan Screenshot 1

Vulkan Screenshot 2

New Tek Structures

To match this added difficulty, we have received new Tek structures. We now have access to a cloning chamber and a Tek turrets. The turrets are pretty self-explanatory, but the cloning chamber is pretty new. With it, you can create clones of your creatures. It is a clone in every sense of the word. It is likely the clone chamber require our newest resource: Element. Not just pure Element though, you will need to use the industrial grinder to create shards of Element to power the cloning chamber.

Tek Geschützturm

Tek Klonkammer

Giant Bee - Bee Maja and her Visit to the ARK

Giant Bee Dossier

These massive honey-machines have found their way to the ARK, and in a unique way. You should start to see beehives on trees around the ARK. Typically harmless, they will certainly defend their territory if attacked, so be prepared! Once you've gotten bees, you can then be a beekeeper and make honey, which has many uses! You can bait other creatures, which was shown in the trailer. It should be noted that the Queen is the heart of the hive, they will defend her at all costs!

Giant Bee Screenshot

Honig Screenshot

Daeodon - The Boar

Daeodon Dossier

Here we have the ancestor of our favorite "Babe", although they are much more menacing. Affectionately called "Hell's Pig", we are introduced to another mammal on the ARK. They are dubbed hellish due to centuries of being subject to the large carnivores, as they have become extremely aggressive when their territory is invaded. You will not receive mercy. They have also developed an incredible health regeneration in response to their constant threats. These enormous healing attributes can actually carry over to surrounding creatures, making them invaluable to the survival of raid parties.

Daeodon Screenshot

Liopleurodon - The Pirate of the Deep Sea

Liopleurodon Dossier

Disclaimer: despite the title, the Liopleurodon will not steal things from you. Being one of the much larger creatures in the water, they are not hard to spot. Now onto the title: they excel in finding rare items, or booty! Tame one and you can set them to find you the rarities of the ocean, but be warned, they are a happy middle-ground between the sabretooth salmon and the plesiosaurus.

Liopleurodon Screenshot

Kentrosaurus - Hug Machine?

Kentrosaurus Dossier

If you want a hug, approach this smaller Stegosaurus. However, these hugs aren't the typical warm, cozy ones. You'll be met with a spiky embrace. The warmth you will feel will actually be your own blood, and the embrace will be being stuck to the Kentro. They are very similar to the Stego. Without the rear bones protruding, it would be easy to mistake it. These spikes to have one disadvantage, you cannot ride the Kentro. They will most likely be a defensive tame that will provide much in the earlier levels.
Kentrosaurus Screenshot

Kentrosaurus Aufspießen Screenshot

Other Changes

Besides the wonderful changes above, we have some others:

- New, revised UI
- New hairstyles and beards
- Approx. 20 new explorer notes
- 15 new soundtracks, adapted to areas and biomes
- Full gamepad support on the PC
- Fixed a bug where the spawns in caves in the singleplayer did not seem to
- The Center gets a mega-update (see volcano)
- New Emoticons
- Re-design of the Engram-Tree
- Alpha Megalodon
- All Alphas now have their own APEX Items

What do you think of the new patch? Are you ready to ascend? Let us know in the comments below!

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May 7 2017, 04:02 am
Matthew Wiebke
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