ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis Chronicles II Update and a High-Def look at ARK II

Genesis Chronicles II Update Details and a High-Def look at ARK II

Greetings! The update for Genesis Chronicles II is here along with some special treats relating to the announcements at The Game Awards. Continue your adventure with HLN-A, The Genesis Chronicles II update is now available on all platforms.

ARK II was announced recently at The Game Awards 2020. An exciting, unexpected, surprise and we have the trailer for you right here. Check out a High-Def look at ARK II and learn more about the Genesis Chronicles II update below!

ARK II: High-Def Trailer

In an exciting twist, a continuation of the ARK franchise was announced. ARK II will offer online multiplayer sandbox gameplay at the next level with next-gen graphics. ARK 2 will be launching on PC and exclusively on Xbox.

Catch the Official full-length high-resolution trailer featuring Vin Diesel as the hero protagonist, Santiago.

ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis Chronicles II

The long-awaited Genesis Chronicles II is here bringing us closer to the launch of Genesis Part 2.

Part 2 is expected to launch in March 2021. ARK: Genesis Part 2 introduces an all-new world in the largest expansion yet. New biomes, story missions, and exotic creatures await! Genesis Chronicles II has introduced some special treats from the Animated series as well as Explorer notes to continue your adventure with your handy HLN-A. We have put together below some of the important features the patch has to offer!

Animated Series Exclusives! (All acquired by clicking on the main menu options)

  • Animated Series Raptor Costume
  • Santiago's Spear Skin
  • Santiago's Axe Skin

Genesis Chronicles II

  • Added HLN-A Explorer Notes 6-10 for Genesis Chronicles
  • Added TEK Suit V2 pants for Genesis Chronicles

For a full list of PC, Xbox, and PS4 patch notes: ARK: Survival Evolved Changelog / Patch Notes

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