ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis II Reveals and Launch Date

Genesis II Reveals and Details! Maewing introduction, Exo Mech, and more

Greetings Survivors! The long-awaited Genesis II update grows closer. Announced in the recent community crunch, we can expect to see the update launch on May 26th. Dive into the latest reveals for the ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis II update below.

Genesis II - More Reveals!

More exciting reveals made their way into the latest Community Crunch 263! We have gathered some of the details of what you can look forward to:

  • Maewing:

    "Engineered to be the ultimate interstellar wet nurse and surrogate parent, in addition to automatically taking care of your babies, the Maewing can steal enemy offspring by luring their young in for an irresistible suckle!"

  • Egg Incubation Device:

    "No need to fiddle around finding the right conditions for an egg when the mechanical Egg Incubation Device can cook them to perfection and reduce the amount of attention required. Scrambled, poached or fried?"

  • Exo Mech:

    "With the deployment of the new Exo-mek, you will be able to change the tide of battle, enjoy an aerial view or manage your base to perfection with ease - but only after you pass the ultimate test!"

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