ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Gameserver FAQ

Do you have some questions about your new ARK PS4 console server? No problem! In our FAQ we will provide you with answers to popular questions submitted to support.

You have just rented your new PS4 ARK Server and are not entirely sure how it all works. Well not to worry! We will provide you with a FAQ below to answer some most asked questions about administrating and running your server.


I cannot find my server in the ARK server browser! What can I do?

  • First you should change the name of your server and restart it. You should also make sure you're looking in the correct tab for your server you are renting. Your search filter must be set to "Unofficial PC Servers".

I have found and connected to my server. But how do I become an Admin in game?

  • To become and admin in game, press the following buttons on your PS4 controller down at the exact same time: "L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle". A command line appears at the top of the screen that has a text box, which you must enter in  your admin password set in your web interface then press request admin. To find your admin password in the web interface, just navigate to "General" under settings and you will see it a  little down the list below your servers name. Then you can begin entering your admin commands to your hearts content!

How do I change multipliers like experience, gathering, taming etc.?

  • The multiplier options can be found under the 'Settings' tab and 'General'. Scroll down near the bottom of the General settings page and you'll come across a title "Multipliers". There, you can edit all the different multipliers for exp, tame speed, gather rate, breeding speed etc. A lot of the different multipliers there have a little bit of text below them that explains a little bit what each one of them does. But do note, some values lower means faster, where as others, higher means faster. Example being: "Harvesting Multiplier", the higher it is, the more you harvest each cycle. Whereas "Mating Multiplier" the lower it is, the faster it'll be before your creatures the can mate again.

How do I get creatures in the wild to go above the default levels?

  • To do this, go to 'General' under 'Settings' and scroll down to see a value entry called "Difficulty Offset" set this to 1.0. This allows the server to support creatures to spawn above the normal levels that the game provides. To increase them higher for example the 120 max on the Island, if you want it to be higher, you can raise this value up to 2.7142 which is the max supported offset and will spawn in creatures up to level 300, more details can be found here. Or if you want to have even higher levels than that, scroll further down in the settings list until you find a value entry called "Override Official Difficulty" set this to whatever you want. The higher it is, the higher the levels will be of the wild creatures, but do be careful if you raise it too high, some levels may be too high and cause the game to bug out. But please make sure you also check the "Destroy all wild creatures" check box in the interface and save for your server to remove all the wild creatures in the wild to allow new ones to spawn with the increased levels.

Do I need to create backups myself and install updates when ARK updates?

  • In short: No, you do not have to do these yourselves. Updates are automatically installed by our system, when a new update is released. But do note, during the update time, your server will be temporarily shut down to install the update and automatically rebooted when the update has finished installing. Backups are also created automatically by our system. Unfortunately you cannot download and store your saves locally due to restrictions set up by the console manufacturers.

Where can I find expert mode to edit the files directly?

  • You navigate to 'General' under 'Settings' and you have to check the box at the top to allow Expert Mode, which will move all your multipliers and such from the 'General' page to the 'Expert Settings' page under the correct .ini file, then stop your server, wait a couple minutes and edit both the Gameusersettings.ini and Game.ini files respectively to your needs and save the changes and reboot your server.

How do I change the MOTD(Message of the Day)?

  • To change the Message of The Day, please go to 'General' under the 'Settings' tab in your web interface and you will find it right near the top of the page.

Do I need two consoles to use the server?

  • No! Our servers are located in our datacenters located all over the world. You only need the one console to play, you do not need a second one to host.

How do I change the per level stat multiplier to get more stats per level?

  • To do this, go to 'Engine Settings' located in 'Settings' and you'll find "Per Level Stats Multiplier" create a new setting and add the multiplier you want, please note, if you set a value of 2.0 for example in weight, you'll get 20 weight instead of 10 per level, or if you set it to 1.5 you'll get 15 weight per level instead of 10, the default values are 1.0.

What are the admin commands for the console?

  • You can find the confirmed admin commands at our Nitrado wiki here.

If you have anymore questions that were not answered here in this FAQ, please write to us in our official forum here. We will respond to your posts as soon as possible and expand the FAQ to add anymore important questions we may have missed.

Aug 30 2017, 05:37 pm
Ashleigh Laywood
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Why does it take so long to restart my server
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do i need pc to run the server? or do i need just my ps4?
1014 Days
I have the same stuck in restart problem. Paying for a service I cannot use. No wonder it's prepay.
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Why cant I upload my character to transfere to a new map?
1108 Days
Server been stuck on restarting server for 20 minutes now and NO one can find my server sSTILL after following your steps. Beginning to get very annoyed that hive paid money fr this and can't even use it. How fitting a company like Wildcard have a server partner like Nitrashdo
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Can't seem to find my server I just made. I changed the name and even restarted the server but its showing nothing.
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what if i accidentally rented a pc server instead of a ps4 can i change it?
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hostsystem_offline_or_not_ready!!! Nitrado you better fix this or i want a refund or more days on my server! And i can't even restart or stop my server!
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I dont know if this is the problem but some of you guys might accidentally have bought a pc server
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help please for the love of christmas
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i am having the same issue mine says pc server i wanted ps4 how do i switch it
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It says mine is a pc server but I thought I purchased a ps4 do I switch it?
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How soon do the servers update when a new patch is released? Like 2hrs after release for example or longer?
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i cant use the admin login? is there more info??
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hey can anyone help me switch from pc to ps4?
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I can't find my server in the list and there seems to be no support for PS4, only Steam. Very disappointed.
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did you find it? i cant find mine
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Hello, it seems that i cannot find my server with either of the faq answers , can you help me?