Ark: Survival Evolved Shows Positive Growth Since Paid Expansion

Paid Expansion in Early Access Proves to be Beneficial for Ark

Ark: Survival Evolved has seen steady growth since the developer, Studio Wildcard, released an Early Access DLC on September 1st. Studio Wildcard wanted to launch it as sort of an experiment to see how fans reacted to the first expansion before going to the retail 1.0 release. Some fans loved this idea while others were in hysterics.


However, the numbers from September 1st – September 15th show that the Scorched Earth debut was quite successful and the majority of the reviews were all positive. The debut has also proved to be bringing in more players to the base game. These players are also putting more time into the game as well. On September 1st, Ark had 42,000 online players and racked up 52,000 by September 15th, with the average time spent playing the game about 5 minutes longer than usual, as reported by GitHyp.


Studio Wildcard first received negative backlash for releasing the Scorched Earth expansion while Ark was still part of the Steam Early Access program for incomplete games. Angry fans bombarded Ark with negative comments and angry feedback. Needless to say, Studio Wildcard was pleased with the results from the Early Access debut and it seems as though most of the fans are pleased as well.


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Sep 22 2016, 12:34 am
Rachel Zunino
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