ARK: Survival Evolved - Studio Wildcard offers salary to develop mods

Modders for ARK: Survival Evolved should be pretty excited after news from Studio Wildcard regarding the commission of mods to be developed further. They will offer a monthly salary to selected modders to develop their mods.

Are you a modder for ARK: Survival Evolved? If so, we've got some news for you. If you've got a popular and fairly developed mod, you could be contacted by Studio Wildcard to receive money to continue the development.

ARK Sponsored Mod Program

As most of you may know, ARK: Survival Evolved has a huge modding community. There are new mods released daily, and most of the popular mods receive an update almost daily as well. Across the plethora of mods to choose from, there are definitely a few that sit much higher than the rest. Most of these modders spend their time developing a mod they see nothing in return for, often investing days of their lives to bring us awesome mod content. It is these developers that Studio Wildcard will be looking at.

With an announcement that is sure to bring a smile to a few faces, Studio Wildcard has announced that 15 mods will be selected, and the developers will receive a $4,000 monthly salary to continue the development of their mods. We're not sure why this particular number was selected, but we are sure we can all agree that $4,000 is a nice supplement to anyone's finances.

This isn't just a scot-free $4,000 though. The developer for the now-Official mod Primitive Plus, is going to be in on the selections of the mods. This makes sense, considering that developer is one of the first selected by Studio Wildcard to become an Official mod. The mods chosen here will almost certainly not be a little "stack" mod.

The project has begun already, so if you would like to see which mods are being supported by Studio Wildcard, check out this trailer:

Discussions about paying modders

The discussion has been around for a while on Steam. We've seen it talked about often with games like Skyrim. The core of the idea is that mods bring new and free content to the community. Mods themselves should remain free, but this steps heavily now into the realm of how should private developers be compensated for their massive time investment, that most likely attracted more players to the game to begin with.

Has Studio Wildcard discovered the solution?

Studio Wildcard has decided to pioneer how mod creators are reimbursed. They'll choose mods they want directly, and pay the developer to continue development. Once finished, it is almost inevitable that it will be released as a DLC, similar to how Primitive Plus was given to us all.

This project is wonderful for the community surrounding ARK: Survival Evolved. Assisting modders financially will not only incentivize better mod content, it will also help mods see completion. ARK is coming to a point that they may not even need their own developers anymore! Who knows, but wouldn't that be something?

What do you think of this wild idea? Anything about this project that you are curious about? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PCGamer

Mar 2 2017, 03:41 am
Matthew Wiebke
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