ARK - Turkey Trial 5

A seasonal ARK event has started!

Greetings to the ARK Community! It is turkey time again. 🦃

The Turkey Trial 5 event will be active until Tuesday, December 7th. So plenty of time for you to partake in this year's large-scale scavenger hunt so you can craft and enjoy the new event-themed goodies!

How do I enable the event on my server?

Event Details

Get ready to hunt and carve up the rare 'Super Turkeys' that are roaming all across the ARK this time of the year.

By harvesting Wishbones from these genetically modified creatures, you'll get to craft the new Turkey Costume, three new Ugly Sweater Skins, or choose to summon the devastating DodoRex as a temporary tame!

In addition to the skins, items, and colorful creatures you may know from previous Turkey Trial events, there are also five new Event Chibis that can be acquired by killing Super Turkeys for Wishbones.

Click here for the full list of features of this year's Turkey Trial 🦃

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