ARMA 3 - Tanks DLC has been released

ARMA 3 - SPOTREP 00079 patch notes and the Tanks DLC, details here

Greetings Arma fans! High command sends word for the latest changes to the main branch of our favorite military simulator. Get ready to roll in heavy firepower and take control of the battlefield. Arma 3 Tanks DLC is here to bring a slew of additions along with a number fixes and optimizations.

Enjoy the new Tanks DLC, best played on your own Game Server

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The DLC will deploy 3 new armored vehicles: the T-140 Angara, AWC Nyx, and the Rhino MGS. You will be able to use these new vehicles in several variants and with multiple liveries. Pick the DLC up on steam today for $11.99, also included if you have the DLC bundle!

Tanks DLC Now available on Steam!

Be sure to stay up to date and check out the full list of all the changes and fixes this patch! You can find the full SPOTREP here:

SPOTREP #00079 Changelog

Here are some highlights that were added:

SPOTREP #00079 highlights:

  • Added: Tanks DLC*
  • Added: T-140 Angara Main Battle Tank*
  • Added: Nyx Armored Weapons Carrier*
  • Added: Rhino MGS Tank Destroyer*
  • Added: "Altis Requiem" mini-campaign**
  • Added: Showcase Tank Destroyers**
  • Added: TT16: Weasel Run
  • Added: TT17: Shipping and Handling
  • Added: TT18: Hammer Time
  • Added: Fully modeled 3D interiors for armored vehicles
  • Added: Vehicle Customization for armored vehicles
  • Added: Vanguard TDM multiplayer mode
  • Added: 9M135 Vorona manually guided missile launcher
  • Added: MAAWS Mk4 unguided recoilless rifle
  • Added: 105mm, 120mm and 125mm HEAT shells
  • Tweaked: Sound technology of land vehicles was overhauled
  • Tweaked: Weapon types, munition counts, magazine counts, and magazine reload times in vehicles have been adjusted
  • Tweaked: Jets DLC addons were decrypted to PBO
  • Tweaked: Laws of War DLC addons were decrypted to PBO
  • Tweaked: Laser-guided bombs do not lock on the laser before launch anymore. LGBs are to be dropped using CCIP and they will lock-on after launch (LOAL) automatically.



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