ATLAS - A whole new World! Season 4: The Maelstrom is here

ATLAS - A new World Map: The Maelstrom is here! Start exploring today

Ahoy there Pathfinders! A new update has come to shake the seas. Offering new content, a slew of improvements, and a brand new map: The Maelstrom. Atlas Season 4: The Maelstrom, will go live and replace the original ATLAS World Map on official servers. The new map is designed to intensify the fun at higher levels and make it a bit safer for lower level players.

The Maelstrom update has been deployed to all private servers. Rent your own Atlas Server starting at $13.00 Today! Read more about the new map, changes for server owners, and patch notes below!

Brave The Maelstrom! Start a new journey of adventure and exploration!

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A whole new World

The developers have redesigned the whole World Map. The new map was designed with the goal to drive more interactions between players, both competitive and cooperative. There will be one global PVE server for the time being.  PVP servers will remain region-specific. The Golden Age islands are moving to the map center, surrounding it with a high-density ring of lawless territory. Outskirts will be populated with islands spread throughout to offer a lower risk experience. The new ATLAS World Map: The Maelstrom, will be replacing the original world map on both PC and Xbox official servers.

Please Note:

  • Since The Maelstrom is a new journey, server wipes will be necessary for a fresh new start.
  • Running a server with a custom map? New islands have been added and some have been removed: Here is a list of changes for server owners 


Season 4: The Maelstrom

The Season 4 update brings new content and a lot of improvements. Higher-level players will find joy in making their journey to The Golden Age islands. While lower-level players can find solitude on the islands scattered around the outskirts of the map. The new map is developed with the intention to reduce the amount of sailing between core islands, incite more conflict, and give more opportunity for Companies to capture and control water lanes with other pathfinders.

With so much more to offer, we have left a list of some of the most important features to look forward to below:


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