Atlas is here! Release day Details, Private Server Rentals and more

Game Details, Private Server Rentals and more! Atlas has Arrived on Steam Early Access

Ahoy Atlas fans! The ultimate survival MMO is now available on Steam Early Access. Time to enjoy endless adventures of piracy, sailing, exploration, combat and much more! Meet other players in battles on an unprecedented scale. Learn more about private servers, Atlas release details and more below!

Atlas is backed by Nitrado as the Official hosting provider. Private servers are ready for rental starting today!

Order your Atlas Server today! Perilous journeys and plunderous adventures await!

Rent your own Atlas Server with Nitrado Today!!

The ultimate survival MMO! Atlas is now available on Steam Early Access!


What about the world of Atlas?

A single game world called an Atlas forms a grid of several servers. Each server, a grid itself, handles one square sized area. This area will consist of a nice big island or a group of smaller islands. It is possible to travel between one servers area and the next simply by sailing from A to B. Traveling between areas will be necessary because not every “type” of island contain all resources needed for crafting. Multiple servers are needed to thrive, but how does it work?

How it Works

In our game selections, you will find two Atlas games: "Atlas (Main Server)" and "Atlas (Expansion Server)". Each grid of Atlas servers needs exactly one main server and a number of expansion servers. If you order multiple servers through our offer pages this will be set up for you automatically. The main server will be the place where you'll edit the shared configuration of the whole grid. Sail the seas and conquer islands starting today! 

Order your Atlas Server today! Perilous journeys and plunderous adventures await!

Rent your own Atlas Server with Nitrado Today!!

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Dec 22 2018, 09:34 pm
Zachary Smith
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572 Days
why does it not show up on the game like WHY!!!!!!
574 Days
I ordered on Jan. 2nd and still in preorder...
575 Days
Sure would be nice when you rent a server you would be able to Play on it! just saying :(
576 Days
I got mine, it took just over a week.
579 Days
so, i', waiting over a week now.... still no server, and order is still in pre-order...
579 Days
well being a nitrado customer for over 2 years, i'm surprised on how long it taking them to get out preorders which were done days ago. So unfortunately they are getting the Wildcard reputation of not giving us what we desire in a timely fashion. Still waiting and its been 3 days now since I preordered this.
579 Days
so wheres my server i hope u guys are not like wild card
581 Days
Yeah, I've been waiting three days now lol.
582 Days
Fake news, I bought the Atlas server, they said they would release on time, it will be 2 days and so far nothing, if not release, I want my money back.
583 Days
i cant find my server in the game :c
583 Days
My first server was up in like 10 mins and like 4 hrs later I added 3 more and it took 24hrs o had very minimal problems with it.
583 Days
I am going to sue nitrado. You guys think you can get away with this? Ques again NOT.
583 Days
Everybody stop paying for nitrado. They are a scam, bunch of liars.
583 Days
Where is my server. What kind of scam is this????
585 Days
(rent your own atlas server with nitrado today!!) i do believe you are commited a crime with this false statement . I have payed my money for a service that you are not providing , that your statement clearly states that if i rent a server today i will get it today i am still waiting for over 4 days . It is about time you sorted this out or give everyone their money back and i do not mean credit their account.
585 Days
How long untill the servers are available?
585 Days
585 Days
How do I get my money back for this?? The taking of the money feature works on here to bad the giving of the game servers don't. 5 days and waiting .......
586 Days
When does my atlas server go online i am waitinf now for 2 days
586 Days
It's clear Atlas servers not working yet here I have an old server, when a click "Change game" there's no game called Atlas hoping it's gonna be soon
586 Days
can you please roll out preordered servers.... iv'e been waiting for 3 days
586 Days
After a week got a server but it doesn't show up
588 Days
Any update on when the Atlas servers are going to be up and running??? My holiday time when I can play is coming to an end!
588 Days
What the fuck? Where is the server I just paid for? Why is it still in "pre order" ? Fix this shit!
589 Days
I got my server, but um it does not show up no matter how many times I refresh. sweet.