Atlas - Sea Of Wonders

Explore the wonders of a new world with this major update!

Greetings, captain, and welcome to a new season of Atlas: Sea of Wonders. There are several new additions to this patch. Such as a new early game experience, a new endgame gameplay loop, a new map with distinct regions, new ships, gear & weapons and even more!

Please take a look at the trailer. You won't regret it!

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New player experience

Freeport areas have been updated and are now more visually appealing than ever!

Among other changes, all disciplines in the Skill Tree have been reworked, the song and dance skills have been removed, and the firearms discipline has been changed to ranged combat.

Map Changes

Atlas has expanded, and the Atlas Menu Map has changed to fit the newly added regions.

These new regions are Rookie Cove, Central Waters, South America, Africa, Antarctica, and the North Pole.

With this expansion, you'll find new tabs available on the menu map to look at the Overworld, Rookie Cove, Central Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Central Maw, South Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean tab.


Now, traveling from region to region has become a whole lot quicker! But don't be overconfident, because it got more dangerous as well.

You'll find 4 different portals: Pathfinder Portals, Perpetual Portals, Damaged Portals, and the Central Portal.

Do not be afraid and dare to travel through each of the portals! Will you be the first to see what's on the other side?

Power Node System

The Transient Nodes are special locations on islands that allow for unique resource harvesting. But you have to hurry, as they have a time limit of one week before they deplete, despawn, and respawn at a different location.

The Static Nodes are permanent structures found on several islands in the Central Ocean. These nodes will provide you with new resources and the ability to create a unique themed crafting structure.


These new massive structures will grant powerful buffs to the owning company or the island they build on.

Cursed Totem

Built-in three stages. Players must first place a foundation, then the framework, and then finally build the completed Totem.

Once built, it allows members of the owning company to consume raw and rotten meat without negative side effects.




Burial Mound

Built-in three stages, players must first place a foundation, the framework, then finally build the completed Burial Mound.

Once built, it changes all meat dropped by creatures on the island to rotten meat, also changes all raw meat in players' inventories into rotten meat.




Cursed Temple

A large temple that has space for up to four Monument Study Rooms. Built-in two stages: Place the foundation and then the completed Temple.





New Gear

Equip yourself for the new season's adventures with these additions!

Macuahuitl: A new sword themed after ancient Aztec weapons. Beware its overhead swing, which causes its victims to bleed profusely. Built in the Damned Smithy after learning the Knowledge of the Old Ones from the Piracy Tree.

Transient Tracker: A new equipable item that will help players locate the transient nodes. Activate it while looking around to be pointed into the right direction of the nearest transient node. Built in the Forge after learning Knowledge of the Old Ones from the Piracy Tree.

Cursed Armor: A full set of Army of the Damned armor. Provides great defense while increasing resistance to heat. Each piece costs 30 Metal and 30 Cursed Bone Chips to build.

For the full list of changes, bug fixes, and additions, visit the Atlas Community Forum.

Set sail into the horizon on your Nitrado Game Server!

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