Battlefield 4 Maps - Best Maps For Your Server

Introduction to Battlefield 4 Maps

In spite of being released back in 2013, Battlefield 4 still presses onward in its popularity. Even though the release of Battlefield 4 initially totally misfired due to many bugs which lead to game crashes, DICE provided a lot of new content including remade Battlefield 3 maps, large-scale maps, and snow themed maps. Every DLC released for Battlefield 4 fit a specific theme, which leads to a great variety of maps whether you are searching for dusty beaches, close and long range infantry combat, open field vehicle battles, Battlefield 4 has it all!

In our opinion, Battlefield 4 is still one of the best games in the series and provides lots of great maps for you and your players to enjoy. That's why we're presenting you what we think are the best Battlefield 4 maps that you should definitely try out on your Battlefield 4 game server!

Maps, Maps, Maps!

With the standard game including 10 maps, Battlefield 4 offers a great variety of maps to choose from. In addition, there are many more exciting maps in the five major DLCs. Particularly noteworthy is the DLC "Second Assault", which includes 4 maps from Battlefield 3 in a revised version. In addition to that, there were some other releases after the major DLCs called “Operations”. Note that these are not covered in this guide.

Top 5 Battlefield 4 maps

Before we dive into the best Battlefield 4 Maps, it’s important to note that the ranking represents our opinion. Without further ado, let’s jump into our top 5 Battlefield 4 maps for your Battlefield 4 server.

BF4 Caspian Border 2014 Map

Caspian Border

The Battlefield 3 exemplary returns in the Second Assault DLC and gives a lovely, fun, very much planned level for players to appreciate. Huge scope obliteration, functions admirably with all gamemodes, vehicles, infantry fighting, this map has everything. There are a few extremely slight Easter Eggs as the remainders of the fights on the BF3 map are still there to see!

  • You can experience four objectives in Conquest and five objectives in Conquest Large.
  • This map is located on the Turkmen-Iranian Border.
  • When playing Caspian Border, the security wall dividing the map can be destroyed.
  • The Levolution event can be triggered by rigging a fuel container to explode, which can be found inside the complex.
BF4 Operation Metro 2014 Map

Operation Metro

One more extraordinary map to emerge from the Second Assault DLC, Operation Metro was an incredible map previously however had imperfections, the new Metro is an alternate story. A few pieces of roofs are presently destructible, more flanks have been added, and the option of the lift was gladly received. The 3200 tickets, 64 player servers are to a lesser extent a "prone and bipod combo" and a greater amount of an activity pressed, objective based battle. The greater part of the map is CQB, which makes it extremely alluring to the people who simply need a fast, infantry based fight. This is certainly one of the best maps in Battlefield 4!

  • This fast paced map is located in Paris, France.
  • With being focused on infantry combat, this map provides tons of fun to players who enjoy a fast paced gameplay without any vehicles (except for the gamemode Rush).
  • We can recommend the gamemodes Rush and Conquest.
BF4 Siege of Shanghai Map

Siege of Shanghai

The presentation map utilized in the beta is perhaps the most unmistakable map in the game. It has an enormous high rise in the map which is an extraordinary target for infantry battle, it creates a few legendary minutes when you attempt and take the point with an assault or transport helicopter. The huge measure of flanking courses, stifle focuses, vehicles and destructible landscape make this map brimming with marvelous ways of getting around the map, whether you prefer infantry or vehicle fighting.

  • The map is set within the Huangpu District of Shanghai, China.
  • In the center of the map, there is a huge skyscraper located, which can be brought down via Levolution through player destruction. If the skyscraper collapses, the surrounding streets become covered in dust and debris.
BF4 Paracel Storm Map

Paracel Storm

The second the storm rolls in on this map is one of the vital first-time encounters of any first-person shooter available today. It gets going as a typical island map, taking objectives and battling as ordinary. What really makes this map so extraordinary is the point at which the storm comes in and the map totally changes. Quiet oceans become massive, long-range fighting turns out to be more troublesome, vehicles have a harder time spotting and taking out foes, this map is a genuine Battlefield experience. There's likewise a truly cool Easter Egg as well, yet I won't specify what it is to avoid spoilers.

  • Paracel Storm is located in the Paracel Islands on the South China Sea.
  • In general, the map's layout is symmetric, mirrored from west to east.
  • At some point during the round, air assault alarms will make players aware of an approaching tropical storm.
BF4 Operation Mortar Map

Operation Mortar

Operation Mortar is an extremely gorgeous map that has a colossal island in the center and a few little islands encompassing it. The excellence of this map makes a tremendous measure of inundation and is a truly fun map to play on, especially on the Carrier Assault gamemode. It has an enormous underground complex which is astounding for close-quarter infantry battle yet boats and even helicopters can get inside, which makes it considerably more great!

  • Operation Mortar is set on and around a cliffside resort around the Côn Đảo archipelago in the South China Sea, similar to Paracel Storm.
  • Features one of the newly introduced game modes, carrier assault. In this Mode, the players start out at their respective carriers where they must then capture missile launchers scattered throughout the map.
  • The map is featured in the Naval Strike DLC which provides naval-focused combat to the players.

Setting up a map rotation on your server

  1. Go to and log in to your nitrado account.
  2. Head to your Battlefield 4 webinterface.
    BF4 Nitrado Webinterface

  3. On the left sidebar, spot the “Tools” category and click on “Manage Maps”.
    BF4 Nitrado Tools

  4. Now you can choose the “Gametype”, the “Mapname” and the “Number of rounds” played. After that, click “Add”.
    BF4 Nitrado Map Management

  5. Now you can see which maps are in your rotation. Obviously, there is also the possibility to remove maps from the rotation by clicking on the red “x-button”. In the image below you can see an example. We are currently playing just one map, Caspian Border 2014, the gamemode is Conquest Large, and we are playing 2 rounds.
    BF4 Nitrado Map Management example

  6. When everything is set up, click “Save changes”.
  7. Restart your server and enjoy your map rotation!

Conclusion - Best Battlefield 4 Maps

Even though Battlefield 4 is a bit overdue, it still offers a top-notch first-person shooter experience. Whether you like to dash through the woods with a tank, fight your way through an industrial area, or take the battle to the narrow subway shafts, Battlefield 4 leaves nothing to be desired.

Grab your friends, create your own map rotation and conquer the battlefield on your own Battlefield 4 game server.

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