Blackwake - Preparation for Future patches, Version 3.19

Blackwake - Version 3.19 Patch Notes are here

Ahoy Blackwake fans! Update version 3.19 has come with a small list of changes to the game. Although the list is small, there were numerous fixes added that are not shown. The developers have done this in preparation for the next major update. Be sure to stay tuned to the steam community so you don't miss a thing!

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We can expect to see the following new ships and fort replaced with a much more optimized and balanced version soon! Here are some art visuals shared in this weeks update:

A list of what happened with Update 3.18-19:

Changes 3.19 June 11 2018

  • Capture the booty rounds now back to 3
  • Mast repairing is now broken down into 20 or 40 quick repair segments depending on ship size
  • Added light background behind your name in team select
  • Fixed and added a navy hat that was supposed to be added last patch
  • 3rd person reload weapon animations are in place for most weapons

Changes to game modes 3.18 May 28 2018

  • You win more tickets for a successful grapple
  • You no longer lose as many tickets for losing a grapple
  • When grappling a ship both crews get an immediate respawn
  • CTB bases are now closer to the islands
  • CTB capture count to win is now 4
  • CTB chest has a 90 second respawn
  • CTB chest capture zones have been moved further inland


Jun 12 2018, 09:55 pm
Zachary Smith
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