BlackWake - Ships by community request!

New BlackWake ships are coming and the developers want help from the community!

Ahoy!! The developers would like to know what kind of ships YOU want to see in the game. They are taking the suggestions for new ships, however, there are some guidelines for your suggestions. To get an idea I will leave the guidelines below. They seem to have a few ships already planned such as 'The Bomb Ketches', but they would like to see what interesting ideas the community has.  You can follow the discussion on Reddit here:


Guidelines for the suggestions of new ships:

  • Must fit into either the 7 player or 13 player class of ships. Meaning a number of activities to do on deck, cannon loading, repairing should suit the player count. There shouldn't be anybody standing around doing nothing. 10 Guns aside are currently quite a handful for a 13 Player class with the current Cruizer in-game.
  • Ship suggestions must fit into a specific role. Take into account a number of guns, how they are fitted on the ship, and what purpose it serves in the game.
  • They must have strong points and/or weak points. Although given a situation effective during certain encounters. Even strong at multiple but weaker at others. Examples:

    • Long range gunning
    • Ramming
    • Boarding
    • Mobility
    • Agility
    • Chasing
    • Fleeing
    • Ect...

Feel free to provide a reference of the ship, with either a name (if preexisting) or a mockup of perhaps the deck layout. MSPaint can work fine!

  • Ship designs do not have to be accurate to the era or historically accurate/location of piracy. So Galleys, Barbary Pirate ships like Xebecs are fine. I will note that we have these ships already in progress:
    • Bomb Ketch 13P
    • Bomb Ketch 7P
    • 13P Brig
    • 7P Cutter

The Bomb Ketches:


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-Zach Smith

Oct 11 2017, 09:57 pm
Zachary Smith
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