BlackWake - Leveling, Ranks and Prestige!

Ahoy! Get ready for Levels, Ranks, and Prestige in BlackWake!

Exciting things are happening in Blackwake! Improvements of the Ranking, Prestige, and a whole lot more are about to get better! With the party tag system and this new coming progression system, it is a great time to play with friends!


Patch 2.21 Badges, Prestige and Leveling improvement!

As mentioned in the 2.2 announcements regarding the party tag system for Blackwake, they have begun working on a progression system overhaul. 2.21 introduces major changes to the leveling curve and also introduces the ability to prestige once you reach level 100 (which is now much faster).

You can see your rank and badge on the home page above "Party Tag":


Remember, no total XP was actually lost in these updates, we have only changed how it is interpreted. Some of you may be able to prestige multiple times after this update. The Prestige hasn't fully been implemented yet but 2.3 changes will flesh this out a lot more.

Here are the badges:


Patch 2.22 Progression, Elite Badges, and Notifications

Ranks, accolades, and just overall more recognition for sailing the seas as a crew. Patch 2.3 is all about updates for progression.

In the last update 2.21, the devs had to introduce the new leveling system early to make future patches easier. With update 2.21 came an XP curve change that was quickly realized as "too harsh", it has been adjusted but may need tweaking in future patches.

  • The level of prestige is now 50, and all unlocks have been adjusted accordingly.

An alert to display levels up and what you have just unlocked while in-game was also added:


Also introduced, was an elite badge that is the final prestige, where your level will no longer cap at 50.


This is only a small amount of what is to come in the full 2.3 patch!


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Source: Blackwake Steam News

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