Citadel Forged with Fire - Broomstick League: Now Available

Broomstick League: Now Available - Arenas, Spells, and New Content!

Greetings Wizards and Adventurers! Exciting news comes to the world of Ignus. Gather your house, and grab your brooms because the Broomstick League is here! Step through the gate and enter an arena surging with excitement and magic. A new age of friendly competition has dawned on Ignus! Enjoy the new Gameplay mechanics, participate in organized match play, and get creative with new content! Best played on your Game server:

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Organized Gameplay with Arena Mode

You may be wondering how this works, and how you play? Pick up your stick and head over to one of the three starting towns within Ignus. Inside of these starting towns, you will be able to find the Broomstick League portals, all of which link up to the same arena. Simply hop through one of the portals to initiate a match! Inside of the server, a message will be broadcasted, inviting all players to join you in the Arena Mode Game. For details on how to play the game as intended, go to the Broomstick League Arena Preview post from Community manager Dennis Earlier this week.

Additionally, all joining players will automatically be equipped with the necessary equipment, including a special Broomstick League wand, a set of Broomstick League spells, and a Broomstick League athletics broom. All flight is free during Arena Mode play, allowing unlimited aerobatic capability!

New content and Building!

With this update, your house can enjoy the new building content! The developers have decided to make both the BSL Nets and the BSL Ball Dispensers available as learnable structure recipes, giving you the freedom to construct your own arenas. In an effort to ensure that this update stays in-line with the spirit of Citadel's creative freedom, they have tried to put no restrictions on how you use the mentioned tools. There are many possibilities for the added content! Take a look at the Free Build Broomstick Preview post for details!

In the Developer Livestream earlier this week, you can get a good look at the new content. It is worth the watch if you are curious as you can see the BSL in action and get a peek at the new content. Catch the Developer Livestream here:


Mar 11 2018, 02:46 am
Zachary Smith
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