Citadel: Forged with Fire has received a lot of improvements lately, see whats new

Citadel: Forged with Fire - Major Improvements and an Engine Upgrade!

Greetings fellow wizards! With the recent update to Citadel: Forged with Fire, there have been some major improvements all the way down to the core. The Unreal Engine used to power the game recently underwent some work and has improved greatly. Used by popular games like that of Fortnite, BioShock, Killing Floor, and Unreal Tournament just to name a few. Citadel will also receive benefits from this upgrade as well. If you are curious about an in-depth look at the Engine Upgrade check out the developer post from earlier this week:

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Performance Improvements and Fixes:

A performance overhaul has been done to further improve the performance of the game. The  ‘Event Driven Loader’ has received some love and this should help reduce loading times. The improvements don't stop there. In search of an overall smoother gameplay experience, environment assets have been reworked as well. Terrain, trees, grass, rocks and other foliage props should render much faster.

Other Fixes

With the continuing support and community feedback, Citadel just gets better and better. This update will offer some minor fixes towards a few sound related difficulties and general nagging issues as well as other minor discrepancies regarding projectiles and population.

Take a look below and the full list of what has been done this patch:

  • Fixed fullscreen green flashing for some users with NVIDIA GPUs
  • Spells should land exactly at the reticle position
  • Reduced lag during population of the server browser
  • AI melee accuracy has been improved
  • Fixed a server crash involving behaviour trees
  • Fixed a bug where the boss gates would play a sound too many times
  • Fixed a bug where AI melee would stay active after cast
  • Fixed perpetual knockback with the Stone Golem
  • Client performance greatly improved
  • Server performance greatly improved


Apr 5 2018, 09:38 pm
Zachary Smith
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